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GLIN==> IATP job announcement - Great Lakes Green Benefits Marketing Associate



IATP's Environment and Agriculture (E&A) Program seeks a Marketing
Associate to lead a path-breaking major ecological benefits marketing
project in the Great Lakes Basin.  Good land use, farming and forestry
practices provide multiple ecological benefits to the Basin, including
benefits to water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, flood protection,
open space preservation, carbon sequestration, and energy conservation. 


The goal of the project is to develop new sources of money that promote
conservation practices in the Great Lakes Basin.  This position is intended
to develop a framework that promotes new markets for the sale, purchase and
trading of ecological services, credits and related benefits.   Potential
purchasers of these benefits include downstream water utilities, fish and
wildlife groups, insurance companies, energy utilities, and organizations
promoting tourism. 

- The primary responsibilities will be to assist in a planning process that
is developing a framework for developing markets for the production, sale,
and purchase of green benefits.  
- The Associate will foster relationships between green benefits providers
and purchasers. 
- The Associate will work closely with a set of experts in this field of
large-scale marketing and contracting for ecological services.  
- The Associate must develop working relationships with watershed
organizations, forestry cooperatives, and individual landowners in the
Great Lakes Basin.  


- Marketing experience
- Knowledge of various financial instruments (e.g., bonding) and
contracting involving corporations, utilities, foundations, and non-profits
is preferred 
- Knowledge and interest in environmental issues 
- Bachelor's degree, preferably in marketing or an environmental field 
- Excellent written and oral communication skills 
- An ability to work closely with a diversity of different interests,
including farmers, foresters, businesses, insurance and banking personnel,
environmental organizations, and scientists 
- Internet and Web site experience would be preferred
- Experience in developing outreach materials and organizing meetings
- Well-organized, self-motivated self-starter (important)
- Experience in developing outreach materials
 Term, Compensation, Location

This is a full-time, six-month position.  We hope to extend the position if
additional funding becomes available. 

IATP's competitive compensation for this position will be based upon the
Associate's experience and applicable skills.  

The Marketing Associate may be based in a location within the Great Lakes


This position is available as of August 16, 2001. 

Please send your letter of interest, references and resume immediately and
no later than August 15 to:   Mark Muller, IATP, 2105 First Ave. South,
Minneapolis, MN 55404.  Fax: 612-870-4846.  E-mail: mmuller@iatp.org.   


IATP works globally to promote resilient family farms, rural communities
and ecosystems through research and education, science and technology, and
advocacy.  For more information on IATP, please visit our Web site,

IATP is an equal opportunity employer.  We actively encourage people of
color to apply for this position and all positions at IATP.

Mark Muller
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
2105 First Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404
phone:    (612) 870-3420
fax:      (612) 870-4846
email:    mmuller@iatp.org
website:  http://www.iatp.org/

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