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GLIN==> News Release - Water Education Project Receives New Funding

                              MN SEA GRANT
                              NEWS RELEASE
6/26/01                                       Contact: Bruce Munson
                                    (218) 726-6324, bmunson@d.umn.edu

         High-Tech Water Education Project Receives New Funding

Thanks to some major new funding, more college-level students will be
able to prepare for careers in the increasingly high-tech and
contentious world of water resource management.

The University of Minnesota Duluth and Lake Superior College have
received an $800,000 grant from the National Science Foundation's
Advanced Technological Education Program. This funding will expand the
scope and reach of an existing Internet-based water resources
curriculum project, Water on the Web (http://wow.nrri.umn.edu), to
community colleges and undergraduate institutions across the country.

"We are excited to be able to take Water on the Web from basic
Internet-based science lessons to a year-long water resources
management course that will address issues important to each region,"
said Bruce Munson, Minnesota Sea Grant marine educator and associate
professor with the University of Minnesota Duluth's Department of

Through an on-line curriculum, students will learn and apply their
knowledge and skills to problems using real-world, real-time data
collected by Remote Underwater Sampling Station (RUSS) units deployed
in lakes in their region.  The RUSS units provide water quality
information such as pH, the amount of oxygen in the water, temperature,
electrical conductivity, and turbidity.  RUSS technology was developed
in Duluth, MN, where the units are manufactured.

Curriculum materials will be developed with the help of instructors
from two- and four-year institutions in the Pacific Northwest,
Southwest, Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest.  Each region will be
associated with real-time water quality data delivered to the Water on
the Web site in partnership with an associated water management agency
or university.  The project's efforts will be guided by a national
panel representing industry, agencies, and higher education.

Project collaborators are Munson, Cindy Hagley, and Carl Richards with
Minnesota Sea Grant; Rich Axler and George Host of the Natural
Resources Research Institute; Glenn Merrick of Lake Superior Community
College; and Chris Owen of Apprise Technologies, Inc.  The project's
title is, "Training Water Science Technicians for the Future - A
National Online Curriculum Using Advanced Technologies and Real-Time

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