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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 6/20/01

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Great Lakes Charter ANNEX 2001
The Great Lakes governors and the premiers of Ontario and Quebec signed 
the Great Lakes Charter Annex on June 18, 2001, in Niagara Falls, N.Y. 
The Annex outlines the framework for a set of binding agreements among 
the Great Lakes states and provinces and establishes a series of 
principles for a new standard for reviewing proposed withdrawals of 
Great Lakes water.

MAPPING PURPLE LOOSESTRIFE distribution and control efforts
Through a GIS mapping interface, this Great Lakes Indian Fish and 
Wildlife Commission database depicts the known Wisconsin/Upper Michigan 
distribution of purple loosestrife, one of the most pervasive non-native 
plant species in the Great Lakes region. Users can view, query and print 
maps that also illustrate existing and potential biological control 
sites. Note: Views best in MS Internet Explorer.

The shores of Lake Michigan are once again littered with dead Alewife, a 
small fish native to the Atlantic Coast that entered the Great Lakes 
through the Welland Canal in the mid 1900s. Sensitive to disturbances in 
their Great Lakes environment, Alewife die-offs are common when the fish 
move from deeper water to nearshore areas and are exposed to fluctuating 
water temperatures.

Designated in 1997, the OCMP integrates management of Ohio's Lake Erie 
coastal resources, controls activities that affect them, and fosters 
their sustainable use for the benefit of all citizens of the state. 
Learn about the OCMP's latest initiatives, including the newly formed 
Kelleys Island Underwater Preserve planning team.

PRAIRIES of Illinois
Illinois is known as the "Prairie State," part of the vast grassland in 
central North America. Learn about the remnants of tallgrass prairie and 
related flora and fauna through this series of maps, photos and historic 

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