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GLIN==> WIMS/EcoBizPort Announces Final Rule Notifier (FRN) Free Email Service

Posted on behalf of Jeff Dauphin <miwaste@centurytel.net>

News Release

WIMS/EcoBizPort Announces Final Rule Notifier (FRN) Free Email Service

May 29, 2001:  Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. (WIMS), the
owner and operator of the environmental portal EcoBizPort.com has announced
a new, free Email service -- Final Rule Notifier (FRN).

FRN provides users with an Email message when a nationally applicable Final
Rule of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is published in the
Federal Register.  Some other U.S. Federal Department and Agency
announcements are also included if they are deemed directly related to
environmental management activities.  FRN generally does not include Final
Rules that are applicable to a specific state or specific facility; however,
some facility-specific or state-specific announcements may be included if
they are deemed to represent possible models that may be applicable to other
facilities or states.

Usually users will receive Email notification within hours after the Final
Rule is published.  Announcements are coded within subject categories for
easy identification.  At minimum, FRN provides a summary of the
announcement, the Federal Register citation (date, page numbers, etc.),
important dates (e.g. effective date or comment deadlines), and the contacts
for follow-up information; including names, addresses, phones, and Email and
Internet hyperlinks if they are provided.  Notices also include the direct
links to the HTML format & the PDF format for the complete announcements so
users can view or print the full-text announcement exactly as it is printed
in the Federal Register.

The service is useful for the busy executive or smaller business that only
needs to know when new and final environmental regulations are promulgated;
as a reminder service for the seasoned environmental professional,
consultant or attorney; or as a  great companion to a  company's ISO 14000
Environmental Management System keeping you up to date on final
environmental regulations.

The new service, which is offered free to registered subscribers, is a
spin-off of the WIMS RegTrak service which has been providing paid
subscribers daily notification of all environmental Federal Register
announcements since 1995.

Complete information on FRN service and on-line ordering are available on
the EcoBizPort website at: http://www.ecobizport.com/EmailServicesFREE.html.
Information on RegTrak and other WIMS environmental information services are
available at: http://www.ecobizport.com/EmailServices.html.

EcoBizPort.com, which was officially launched on April 20, 2001, is a
comprehensive, homepage linking businesses, professionals and individuals to
the vast array of environmental information on the Internet. The site
utilizes a unique organization methodology that delivers information at
different levels including: a national basis, state-specific ( Michigan only
at this time), by professional specialties (air, water, hazardous waste,
etc.), and by industry sectors (automotive, agriculture, pulp & paper, etc).
While most of the specialty and sector portions of the site are still under
development, the site includes information "resource centers" including:
Environmental News & Media; Search, Portals & Utilities; Local Area Data;
e-Biz; Projects, RFPs, RFQs, etc.; Products & Services; Politics; Legal
Resources; Education & Training; Trade Shows & Meetings; Associations &
Organizations; Research & Publications; Maps, Weather & Geo-Info; Employment
& Careers; and Other Biz.  The site also includes gateways to U.S. EPA,
Courts, Congress, Federal Regulations, the White House, and many Michigan
agencies and organizations.

Contacts: Jeff Dauphin, President, WIMS, 818 Avenue D, Traverse City, MI
49686-3532 Phone: 231-932-1366, Fax: 231-932-1383, EMail:
info@ecobizport.com; access the portal at: www.EcoBizPort.com

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