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GLIN==> 2001 Illinois Environmental Conference Notice


Don't miss the "2001 Illinois Environmental Conference", September 21 and
22, 2001 at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, 565 W. Adams St., in Chicago.
The conference is co-sponsored by the Illinois State Bar Association, the
Chicago Bar Association, the U.S. EPA, the Illinois EPA, the Illinois
Pollution Control Board, the Illinois Office of the Attorney General, the
City of Chicago Department of Environment, the Illinois Chamber of Commerce
Environmental Regulatory Group, the Air and Waste Management Association,
and the Lake Michigan Federation.

The conference will include the following important subjects and
knowledgeable speakers, as well as other topics of interest:

How Bush Administration Policies Are Impacting Illinois
Thomas V. Skinner, IEPA

Everything You Wanted to Know About NOx, But Were Afraid To Ask
Doug Aburano, U.S. EPA
Laurel Kroack, IEPA
Ronald C. Flemal and Marili McFawn, IPCB
Eric E. Boyd, Seyfarth, Shaw, Fairweather & Geraldson
Jerry Starkey, Equistar
Richard Trzupek, Huff & Huff, Inc.

Emission Trading as the Model for Environmental Governance
John E. Summerhays, U.S. EPA
Donald E. Sutton, IEPA
David P. Hackett, Baker & McKenzie
Alan Jirik, Corn Products
Richard M. Saines, Baker & McKenzie

What's New in the Courts?
Percy L. Angelo, Mayer, Brown & Platt
Michael H. Elam, Piper, Marbury, Rudnick & Wolfe
Joseph F. Madonia, Wildman, Harrold, Allen & Dixon
Frederick S. Mueller, Johnson & Bell, Ltd.
Charles J. Northrup, Sorling, Northrup, Hanna, Cullen & Cochran, Ltd.

Regulator's Compliance and Enforcement Initiative Forum
Gail Ginsberg, U.S. EPA
William D. Seith and Joseph E. Svoboda, IEPA
Julia Gentile, Illinois Emergency Management Agency

Practice in the Illinois Site Remediation Program
Larry Eastep, IEPA
David L. Rieser, Ross & Hardies
Harry Walton

Issues in Brownfield Development
Eugene P. Schmittgens, Jr., Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale, P.C.
Gary P. King, IEPA
Michael J. Hoffman, Harding/ESE
John W. Watson, Gardner, Carton & Douglas
Alan Ortbals, Clark Properties

TMDLs in Illinois
Margaret P. Howard, Hedinger & Howard
Bruce Yurdin, IEPA
Albert Ettinger, Illinois Law & Policy Center
Susan M. Franzetti, Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal

Practice Before the Illinois Pollution Control Board
Claire A. Manning, IPCB
Katherine D. Hodge, Hodge, Dwyer, Zeman

Pollution Prevention
Chris Hayes, George VanderVelde, WMRC
Kevin Greene, IEPA
William Compton, Caterpillar

Energy Deregulation:  The Future of Energy in Illinois
Chris Romaine, IEPA
James M. O'Brien, Baker & McKenzie

The cost to enroll in the conference is $150.00 ($100.00 for government,
academia and students).
Advance registration is being accepted by ISBA.  Please contact Becky
Havrilka at 800-252-8908.

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