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GLIN==> Great Lakes United 19th Annual General Meeting

Posted on behalf of Maria Maybee mmaybee@glu.org

Come to Great Lakes United's
19th Annual General Meeting

Friday, June 8, to Sunday, June 10
Windsor, Ontario

Great Lakes United's annual general meeting is being held at the University
of Windsor, Ontario, on June 8-10th.  The meeting will focus on the
challenging political climate those of us dedicated to protecting and
restoring the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River ecosystem are working in.
Federal, state and provincial policies are shifting in ways that compel
Great Lakes activists to rethink strategy.

--What are the next steps along the road to wise water use,

* Protections from bulk water exports and diversions.

* State and Provincial reforms to prevent export and diversion

* Sprawl, conservation.

--What are the next steps along the road to clean production and clean

* Phasing out dangerous toxins and promoting clean energy and Safe energy

* Extended Producer Responsibility

* Health Care Without Harm

* Mercury and the Clean Car Campaign

* Phase-out of nuclear power generation

--What are the next steps along the road to Habitat and Biodiversity

* Prevention of exotic species introduction,

* Restored native fish communities,

* Ballast water treatments and technologies,

* National Invasive Species Act reauthorization,

* Aquatic Habitat and species protection.

* Great Lakes drilling

--What are the best strategies for organizing First Nation Native American
--What are the best strategies for organizing Labor networks?
--What are our best tools?
--Who are our most effective allies?
--How do we reach them?

Our plenary speakers are will to help answer these questions and Great Lakes
United needs you to help plan our coalition's agenda for the coming years.
Hope to see you there!

Here is the agenda:

19th Annual General Meeting, June 8-10th, 2001,
University of Windsor, Ontario
"Looking Ahead: Politics and Action in the Great Lakes"

---Friday, June 8---

10:00   Field trip:  Walpole Island - largest marsh on the Great Lakes
(registration required)

4:00   Registration

5:00   Dinner on your own

7:00   Talking circle & local groups report

9:00   Cash bar reception

---Saturday, June 9---

7:00 Breakfast

8:00   Registration

9:00   Welcome

9:15   GLU in review - Executive Director and Board President

Nominations and policy resolutions accepted

9:45 Panel: Challenges and opportunities for Great Lakes activism

Allegra Cangelosi, Senior Policy Analyst, Northeast-Midwest Institute
Dean Jacobs, Executive Director, Walpole  Island Heritage Centre
Elizabeth May, Executive Director, Sierra Club of Canada

12:00 Lunch

1:00  Strategy Sessions I

* Clean Production
Presentation: Successes and opportunities for clean production in the Great
Lakes: Mercury and the Clean Car Campaign
 -Update and next steps

* Biodiversity & Habitat
Presentation: Exotic species introduction in the Great Lakes
-New developments in ballast water treatments and technologies
-National Invasive Species Act reauthorization
-Strategies for binational coordination

* Sustainable Waters
State and Provincial reforms to prevent export and diversion
-Debate: different national approaches -
David de Launay, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and other officials

* Healthy Communities
Planning Session
-Strategizing on challenges to overcome in order to create a truly healthy
community in the Great Lakes basin

3:00 Break

3:15 -5:15 Strategy Sessions II

* Clean Production

Presentation: Successes and opportunities for Clean Production in the Great
-Emerging issues

* Biodiversity & Habitat
-Resolutions: Great Lakes drilling, etc.
-Strategizing: Sustainable fisheries, forests, wetland protection, and new

* Sustainable Waters
Panel: Water use: Sprawl, conservation, diversion
Strategy: A basin-wide agenda for water use reform and ecosystem restoration

* Nuclear-Free Great Lakes
Presentation: Shifting the focus: The viability of renewable energy leading
to a rapid phase-out of nuclear power generation
-Update and next steps

5:15-6:15   First Nation and Labor Caucus Meetings

6:15    Special: "River to River" presentation
Salifou Assane Seiny, President, Ecole Instrument de Paix, Niger

7:00 Barbecue dinner
Presentation of John Manty Award
Acknowledgements to departing Board Members
Silent auction and raffle

8:30    Optional Activity
Canadian Autoworkers social - Support cancer prevention through
environmental protection Thirsty Scholar Pub (University of Windsor, CAW
Student Centre) featuring music from Margaret Wysman

---Sunday, June10---

8:00 Breakfast

8:30-9:30 Board elections - Voting table open

9:00   Business Meeting call to order - New business and election results

9:15   President and Executive Director's report

9:35   Treasurer's report

9:45   Policy resolutions

10:15  Task force and caucus plans for 2001-2002

11:45  Adjourn

*  11:45  Meeting for all Great Lakes United Board of Directors

Great Lakes United
Buffalo State College, Cassety Hall
1300 Elmwood Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222
716-886-0142 phone
716-886-0303 fax

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