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GLIN==> York University graduate student wins Great Lakes scholarship

Kevin Yam, a master's student in Planning in the department of 
Environmental Studies at York University (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), is 
the winner of the 2001 Carol A. Ratza Memorial Scholarship, sponsored by 
the Great Lakes Commission.

"My research interest is to explore various information and 
communication technologies in managing and monitoring the natural and 
built environment," Yam says. "I am particularly interested in the 
integration of geospatial technologies with urban and environmental 
models, building of planning support systems, and facilitating 
communication and participation in the planning process."

Yam holds a bachelor's degree in Urban Geography from the University of 
British Columbia (Vancouver, B.C., Canada). Previous work includes 
positions with the United Chinese Community Enrichment Service Society 
(SUCCESS), a multicultural service organization in Vancouver, as a 
program coordinator; and with Telus Mobility, a wireless 
telecommunication company in Canada, as a network assistant. At York 
University, Yam is working as a research assistant for the York Center 
of Applied Sustainability in Toronto and a web site administrator for 
the Faculty of Environment Studies.

To read more about Kevin and his research, visit 

The scholarship is in memory of Carol A. Ratza, a veteran employee of 
the Great Lakes Commission and a dedicated advocate for the protection 
of the Great Lakes. With unique vision, Carol created and led numerous 
influential communications projects, the most notable being the Great 
Lakes Information Network (www.great-lakes.net) and the Great Lakes 
Regional Air Toxic Emissions Inventory. These groundbreaking initiatives 
applied the latest information technology to Commission priorities, 
changing forever the way our region communicates and does business. 
Although Carol's career was cut short by her death in 1997, the Great 
Lakes Commission, and the region as a whole, continues to benefit from 
her creative thinking, high standards and human grace.

The Carol A. Ratza Memorial Scholarship is supported by donations and an 
annual appropriation of the Great Lakes Commission. If you have 
questions about the scholarship or would like to make a donation to the 
fund, contact Commission President/CEO Michael J. Donahue, 734-665-9135 
or mdonahue@glc.org

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