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GLIN==> NE-MW Coalition to Introduce CHP Act

Legislative Alert:
Combined Heat and Power Advancement Act to be Introduced

        On Tuesday, May 22nd, Northeast-Midwest Coalition members will introduce the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Advancement Act.  This legislation ensures that highly efficient combined heat and power systems are allowed to interconnect nationwide with the electricity grid.  The House bill also clarifies tax credits for CHP systems.

        Combined heat and power technologies are specifically mentioned in the President's National Energy Policy report released last week. These technologies are promoted by the Administration and the Congress because they produce electricity, heat in the form of steam, and cooling by recovering wasted energy which otherwise would be vented to the atmosphere in the form of greenhouse gases. As a result, a CHP systemís total emissions are considerably lower than those produced from separate power and heat systems not capturing waste heat. Also, they have efficiencies of upwards to eighty or ninety percent at the same time using less fuel to produce that same energy output.

        Original Senate cosponsors are Senators Jim Jeffords (R-VT) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY).  House sponsor is Rep. Jack Quinn (R-NY). Contact:  Suzanne Watson at the Northeast-Midwest Institute (202-544-5200).

        A full press release will be sent to you on Tuesday morning, May 22nd.