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GLIN==> Great Lakes Water Quality Board Releases White Paper on Alien Invasive Species

The Great Lakes Water Quality Board 
Releases White Paper on Alien Invasive Species and 
Biological Pollution in the Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem

In 1999, the International Joint Commission asked its Great Lakes Water
Quality Board to consider the serious problem of alien invasive species in
the Great Lakes basin ecosystem.  The board was to review existing and other
potential regulatory programs that could be considered for attempting to
control the introduction of alien invasive species, a form of biological
pollution, to the Great Lakes.  The Board was asked to consider the
effectiveness of alternative control technologies. The report is
complementary to other efforts of this nature occurring in the basin.  

The paper specifically focusses on the discharge of ballast water from
shipping vessels coming from outside the U.S. and Canada as the single most
important source of AIS to the Great Lakes.  The role of vessels that enter
the Great Lakes basin reporting "no ballast on board," also referred to as
NOBOBs,  is of particular concern.

Recommendations address:
*	implementation and enforcement of binational ballast water discharge
*	evaluation of the effectiveness of alternative technologies to
achieve ballast water discharge standards for use in the long-term, as well
as the use of chemical treatment as a short-term, emergency measure while
this evaluation effort is proceeding;
*	implementation of best management practices for sediment control in
shipping vessels;
*	shipping vessel design modifications; and
*	monitoring and contingency plans for future invasions of alien

The Great Lakes Water Quality Board was formed by the federal governments of
the U.S. and Canada under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, and
serves as principal advisor to the International Joint Commission on Great
Lakes issues.  It is a binational board composed of an equal number of
representatives from Canada and the United States, including each federal
government and each of the state and provincial governments in the Great
Lakes basin. The white paper and recommendations it provides to the
Commission are the result of this binational effort and do not necessarily
reflect the views of the Commission.  

The report is available on the Internet at
http://www.ijc.org/boards/wqb/ais01may.html  or in hard copy.  Requests for
this report can be made to mailto:commission@windsor.ijc.org .  Please
specify the name of the report you are requesting.

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