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Re: GLIN==> Binational Panel calls for ballast management program

Dear GLIN, etal:

Great Lakes United, the only environmental group that sits as a member to the ANS Panel, has consistently participated in the development of the Policy Statement on Ballast Water Management, calling for "environmentally sound"  methods of addressing exotic species introductions via ballast water.

The final ballast water management policy statement approved by members of the panel is based on the following objective:

"To eliminate ballast-associated ANS introductions into waters of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence system, and reduce ANS dispersal between the lakes through the regional development and application of a timely, effective,scientifically based, environmentally sound and economically viable binational ballast water management program."

Considering the inclusion of  "environmentally sound" within the final policy statement objective, the omission of this language in the April 25 press release was very obvious (see the objective paraphrased in the second bullet below).

Please correct this omission if the press release is distributed further.

Thank you,
Jennifer Nalbone
Habitat and Biodiversity Coordinator, Great Lakes United

Among many others, the policy statement calls for:

* The development of ballast water criteria and associated guidelines / regulations;

* Programs that are scientifically sound and effective, yet avoid placing the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence maritime industry at a competitive disadvantage with others;

* New legal regimes that feature incrementally achievable criteria with the goal of "zero discharge" of aquatic nuisance species; and

* full-scale application of promising ballast water management/treatment technologies on commercial vessels.

Jennifer Nalbone
Habitat and Biodiversity Coordinator
Great Lakes United
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