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GLIN==> Commission grants to improve water quality through soil erosion, sediment control

For Immediate Release

Contact: Tom Crane
E-mail: tcrane@glc.org
Phone: 734-665-9135
Fax: 734-665-4370

Commission grants to improve water quality through soil erosion, 
sediment control

Ann Arbor, Mich. - Twenty-four projects have been selected by the Great 
Lakes Commission to receive funding under its Great Lakes Basin Program 
for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control . The Basin Program improves Great 
Lakes water quality by promoting erosion and sediment control and sound 
land-use practices through demonstration grants, technical assistance 
and information/education projects in the Great Lakes states.

Funding for this highly competitive grants program is made available 
through a cooperative agreement between the Great Lakes Commission and 
the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation 
Service. Projects are selected by the Commission's Soil Erosion and 
Sedimentation Task Force, comprised of state and federal officials.

To date, the Basin Program has supported 182 projects and invested 
nearly $5.9 million in water quality improvement efforts, with an 
additional $2.95 million of non-federal matching funds applied to the 
projects. The Basin Program has placed well over 60,000 acres of land 
under some form of erosion and sediment control. In the process, the 
program has involved hundreds of community volunteers in watershed 
improvement projects, improved local ecosystems, and built support for 
ongoing environmental restoration efforts.

"The Great Lakes Basin Program is a decade-long success story in state / 
federal / local partnership," explains Nathaniel E. Robinson, chair of 
the Great Lakes Commission. "It's a great example of how we can improve 
water quality by promoting innovative land-use practices."

The following 24 projects, pending the signing of grant agreements, have 
been selected for FY2001 funding under the Program. Visit 
http://www.glc.org/basin/projects.html for information on past projects 
funded by the Great Lakes Basin Program.

Bull Creek Restoration and Ravine Stabilization: $25,000.
Lake County Stormwater Management Commission, Lake County, Illinois. 
Contact: Patricia Werner, 847-918-5269.

Sediment Reduction through Coastal Wetland Construction" $37,850.
Foss Park District, North Chicago, Illinois. Contact: Dr. Charles 
Shabica, 773-442-6054.

Grand Calumet River Lagoons Erosion Control Demonstration: $25,000.
Save the Dunes Conservation Fund, Michigan City, Indiana. Contact: 
Sandra Wilmore, 219-879-3564.

The Dirt Doctors: Lesson Plans on Soil Erosion and Sediment Pollution: 
Wayne County Department of Environment, Land Resource Management 
Division, Wayne County, Michigan. Contact: John Jones, 734-326-3936.

Erosion/Sediment Control Demonstration Project, Nichols Arboretum: $25,000.
Nichols Arboretum, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 
Contact: Robert Grese, 734-763-0645.

North Sharon Road Timber Bridge Project: $25,000.
Kalkaska Conservation District, Kalkaska, Michigan. Contact: Russ 
LaRowe, 231-258-3307.

Soft Engineering and Natural Methods Control Streambank Erosion: $17,662.
Osceola-Lake Conservation District, Reed City, Michigan. Contact: Pam 
Wayne, 231-832-5438 x 3.

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Reduction in the St. Joseph River Basin: 
St. Joseph County Conservation District, Centreville, Michigan. Contact: 
Shelly Milliman, 616-467-6336.

Urban Erosion Control Project for Loop Park: $25,000.
Shiawasee County Conservation District, Owosso, Michigan. Contact: Carla 
Wysko, 517-723-8263 x 3.

Applying Natural Restoration Techniques to Slop Restoration: $25,000.
Minnesota Erosion Control Association, Lake Elmo, Minnesota. Contact: 
Dwayne Stenlund, 651-284-3787.

Lake Superior Tall Clay Bluff Restoration Demonstration Project: $18,100.
Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources, Duluth, Minnesota. Contact: 
Gene Clark, 218-723-4752.

Erosion and Sedimentation Education for Lake Erie Schools: $17,475.
Chautauqua County Conservation District, Jamestown, New York. Contact: 
William Boria, 716-753-4481.

Natural Stream Restoration in the Seneca Lake Watershed: $19,755.
Schuyler County Conservation District, Montour Falls, New York. Contact: 
Elaine Dalrymple, 607-535-9650.

Stormwater Phase II Initiative in the Seneca and Keuka Lake Watersheds: 
Yates County Conservation District, Penn Yan, New York. Contact: Lester 
Travis, 315-536-5188.

Estimating TMDL Background Loading from Existing Data: $22,374.
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. Contact: Peter 
Whiting, 216-368-3989.

Ohio CREP, Water Quality and Minimum Detectable Change: $25,750.
Water Quality Lab, Heidelberg College, Tiffin, Ohio. Contact: Peter 
Richards, 419-448-2240.

Ohio Naturalized Stream Channel Conference and Website: $24,250.
Ohio Department of Natural Resources and The Ohio State University, 
Columbus, Ohio. Contact: Jerry Wager, 614-265-6619.

Residue Management and Erosion Control Demonstration Project: $25,000.
Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments, Toledo, Ohio. Contact: 
David Gedeon, 419-241-9155 x 125.

A Watershed Approach to the NPDES Phase II Rule: $23,000.
Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments, Toledo, Ohio. Contact: 
Daniel Swallow, 419-241-9155, x 139.

Cascade Creek Hydrological Modeling and Floodplain Restoration: $25,000.
Erie-Western Pennsylvania Port Authority, Erie, Pennsylvania. Contact: 
Raymond Schreckengost, 814-455-7557.

Design and Performance of Rootwads in Streambank Restoration: $23,479.
Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania. Contact: 
Al Jarrett, 814-865-5661.

Buffer Installation on Low Order Streams: $25,000.
Oconto County Land Conservation Department and Wisconsin Department of 
Natural Resources, Oconto, Wisconsin. Contact: Tom Hilheiser, 920-834-5688.

Demonstration of Streambank Stabilization from Submerged Vanes: $25,000.
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Madison, Wisconsin. Contact: 
Kim Walz, 608-267-9220.

Great Lakes Grazing Network: $15,000.
Great Lakes Grazing Network, Monona, Wisconsin. Contact: Kim Cates, 

The Great Lakes Commission, chaired by Nathaniel E. Robinson 
(Wisconsin), is a nonpartisan, binational compact agency created by 
state and U.S. federal law and dedicated to promoting a strong economy, 
healthy environment and high quality of life for the Great Lakes-St. 
Lawrence region and its residents. The Commission consists of state 
legislators, agency officials and governors' appointees from its eight 
member states. Associate membership for Ontario and Québec was 
established through the signing of a "Declaration of Partnership." The 
Commission maintains a formal Observer program involving U.S. and 
Canadian federal agencies, tribal authorities, binational agencies and 
other regional interests. The Commission offices are located in Ann 
Arbor, Michigan.

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