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GLIN==> WNY Earth Day 2001: Our Water, Our Future

Posted on behalf of Lauren Makeyenko <laurenm@greatlakesed.org>


Western New York Environmental Community Announces 2nd Annual Earth Day


As spring finally begins to show its true colors, the environmental
community of Western New York is poised to show its diversity by hosting
the 2nd Annual Western New York Earth Day Celebration on Sunday April
22, 2001.

"Earth Day 2001: Our Water, Our Future" will be held from 11am until 5pm
at the Buffalo State College Sports Arena.  Throughout the day there
will  be interactive displays & demonstrations featuring over 75
environmental organizations.  WBFO's Mark Scott will host the day's
activities at this free event for the Western New York community.

"This day is a celebration of all of the hard working Western New
Yorkers who help make our environment better," said Nancy Smith of the
League of Women Voters, and co-chair of the Earth Day 2001 Steering
Committee.  "Our environmental community is as strong as it can be and
today we are here to invite all of Western New York to join us in the
fight to clean the air and water we depend on, strengthen the parks we
visit, safeguard the wildlife we cherish, protect our children from
unnecessary environmental hazards and to preserve our environment for
future generations."

The highlight of this year's event is a keynote presentation by John
Norquist, Mayor of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and author of, "The Wealth of
Cities - Revitalizing the Centers of American Life."  Mayor Norquist, an
internationally renowned advocate for "new urbanism", will highlight his
dramatic successes with waterfront redevelopment; a downtown housing
renaissance and innovative transportation changes.  His presentation
will call upon the Western New York leadership in both the public and
the private sector to examine ways for Buffalo to experience the same
sort of urban renaissance that has turned Milwaukee, Wisconsin into a
thriving urban center.

"Earth Day is our opportunity to celebrate our national environment and
ask ourselves if we can improve our stewardship of the earth.  Earth Day
2001 is focused on our water, rather appropriate in a city named "Beau
Fleuve" for Beautiful River.  Are we protecting the quality and quantity
of our water, our rivers and our Lake Erie?  Is our region making the
best possible use of these incredible resources?" asked Smith.

The Earth Day celebration is an event for the whole family.  Children's
activities will feature the Buffalo Audubon Society, Wildlife Specialist
James Vitali, Native American and African-Caribbean music and dance
performances and a hands-on aquatic workshop led by the Center for Great
Lakes Environmental Education.  Performing live at Earth Day will be the
Outer Circle Orchestra.

In addition to the main stage activities Reg Gilbert of Great Lakes
United will host a discussion on the "Annex 2001 Water Diversion".  The
Annex 2001 process is currently addressing the potential for a continent
and world dried out by climate change that may eventually turn to the
Great Lakes Basin for water supply.  Regional governments are actively
concerned and beginning to take action.  The discussion will focus on
what should be done with the expected water shortage in the Great Lakes
Basin and how the basin can be protected in the long term.

Susan Mudd, Wisconsin State Director of Citizens for a Better
Environment will give a presentation on the impact of urban sprawl on
our environment and Sally Cunningham, author, television personality and
Cornell Cooperative Extension Educator will present the WNY debut of her
new organic gardening program "Organic Gardening: Premises and Practical

Besides the music, activities and exhibits, several local organizations
will be selling a variety of great cultural and American foods ranging
from complete meals to simple snacks and beverages.

"Here in Buffalo we have so much pride in our community, it is only
fitting that we host what is quickly becoming the best Earth Day
celebration in upstate New York," said Gary Carrel of the Buffalo
Olmsted Parks Conservancy.  Carrel has been a member of the Earth Day
steering committee for the past two years for the past two years and
will be participating in this years Earth Day event.

Visit the Earth Day 2001 web site at:


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