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GLIN==> Purple Loosestrife Workshop

February 28, 2001

Source: Patrice Charlebois, (847)872-0140
Contact: Debra Levey Larson
Media/Communications Specialist
Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program
(217)333-8055; dlarson@uiuc.edu


Purple Loosestrife Workshop to Train 4-H Leaders

URBANA-Purple loosestrife is a colorful, perennial wetland plant which came to North America the early 1800s. When you look out over a field of purple loosestrife, it's actually a beautiful sight. What you don't see are the native plants that used to be there before the purple loosestrife took over. Wetlands are just naturally biodiverse, that is to say, made up of many different plant species. For a wetland to truly thrive, it should not be dominated by one plant but that's exactly what happens when purple loosestrife joins the mix.

The principles of biodiversity, the threats of purple loosestrife and how Galerucella beetles released as biocontrol agents are being used to control the plant are some of the things participants will learn at a workshop being offered by Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialists in cooperation with Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant. Patrice Charlebois, Biological Resources Specialist with Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant said, "This is one project in which people, especially youth, can get involved and actually help get rid of an exotic species. We've seen
great results with the use of these biocontrol agents, and we're excited that more and more wetlands in Indiana are going to receive these beetles as a result of this project."

The workshop is designed particularly for 4-H leadership training and for those who are interested in working with high school-aged youth. The end goal is that the 4-H youth and leaders involved in these workshops will raise and release beetles in a designated local wetland.

To register,please contact Natalie Carroll ncarroll@purdue.edu or phone Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant at 847-872-8677. Space is limited, so register early.

March 24, 2001; 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
LaPorte County Complex
809 State Street.
LaPorte, Indiana

For more information about the purple loosestrife problem visit:

To view photos from last year's workshop visit: http://www.iisgcp.org/outreach/br/purple_4h.htm


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Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program
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