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GLIN==> Smart Growth's Spring Training Seminar

Smart Growth's Spring Training Seminar
Thursday May 3 through Saturday May 5, 2001
Inn on the Park, Madison
In October 1999, the State of Wisconsin enacted the most ambitious land use
legislation in a generation. Smart Growth for Wisconsin ensures that by
2010, every city, village, county and town in the state will be guided by a
comprehensive plan - written by local communities. Through this law, the
cities, villages, counties and towns of Wisconsin have a framework for
reining in sprawl and enhancing their environmental, economic and cultural
health. Smart Growth presents Wisconsin with a window of opportunity that
begins now and lasts at most a decade, to change for the better the
development potential for all of its communities.

One of the most important aspects of the new law is its reliance on input
from local citizens. This law provides you with the opportunity to voice
your concerns and express your opinions about the kinds of growth you do and
do not want to witness around you. 

The 1000 Friends <http://www.1000friendsofwisconsin.com/index.html> Spring
Training Seminar is part of an initiative of the Land Use Institute to help
ensure the proper implementation of the state's new Smart Growth law. The
goal of the Land Use Institute is for a community to not just meet the
letter of the law and write a plan by 2010, but that also to meet the intent
of the law and write a plan that protects and enhances the community's
economic, cultural and natural resources. We feel that the best way to do
that is to offer interested individuals the best and most comprehensive
information available about planning for their community's health. 

This two and a half day seminar is designed to answer the most basic
questions about planning. Who is responsible for planning? Where can we get
funding? Should we plan alone or hire a professional planning firm? Where do
we find baseline data? How do we address private property rights issues?

If you are interested in applying to attend the seminar, please call
(608/259-1000) or email 1000 Friends (friends@1kfriends.org
<mailto:friends@1kfriends.org>) and ask for registration materials.

They are limiting the number of attendees to 60 to ensure ample opportunity
for in-depth discussions and networking. The cost of the seminar will be
approximately $250 and will cover meals, hotel rooms and conference

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