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GLIN==> Marsh Monitoring Program needs volunteers

Posted on behalf of Jennifer Nalbone <jen@glu.org>

Marsh Monitoring Program needs volunteers

*Naturalists Needed to Help Monitor Wetland Birds and Amphibians*

The Marsh Monitoring Program (MMP) is a binational bird and amphibian
monitoring program.  It is designed to coordinate the skills, interests and
stewardship of hundreds of citizens across the Great Lakes basin to help
understand, monitor and conserve the region's wetlands and their amphibian
and bird inhabitants.

The MMP is looking for naturalists, both professional and amateur, to
volunteer to collect data on birds, amphibians or both in a marsh in their
area.  Volunteer data helps Bird Studies Canada, a non-profit research and
conservation organization, to generate information about the status of marsh
birds and amphibians and their habitat requirements, and to assess wetland
restoration efforts in the region.

The MMP provides training materials to help volunteers polish their
identification skills.  However, volunteers for the marsh bird component of
the program should be able to identify, by sight and song, most of the
common marsh birds.  Novice naturalists are invited to participate in the
amphibian component, because volunteers can easily learn to identify the
calls of the thirteen species of amphibians found in the region. There is no
fee to participate.

The program offers a unique and rewarding opportunity to learn about and
help conserve Great Lakes amphibians and marsh birds, and their threatened
habitats.  Individuals who are interested should contact Kathy Jones
toll-free at 888-448-2473 or aqsurvey@bsc-eoc.org or visit the website at

If you would like MMP brochures to help promote the program, a copy of the
MMP Five-year Report, or would be interested in hosting a training session
for MMP volunteers in your area, please contact Ben Crouch (ben@glu.org) or
Maria Maybee (mmaybee@glu.org) of Great Lakes United, phone: (716) 886-0142.

The MMP is managed by Bird Studies Canada in partnership with Environment
Canada and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Great Lakes
United is working with Bird Studies Canada to promote the basin's wetlands
monitoring and conservation through the MMP.

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