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GLIN==> LEPF Small Grant Awards Increase to $10,000 Each

February 21, 2001

Next Round of Lake Erie Protection Fund
Small Grant Awards will Increase to $10,000

Toledo, OH - The Ohio Lake Erie Commission is pleased to announce that the
maximum award for the next round of Lake Erie Protection Fund (LEPF) small
grants will be raised to $10,000 per grant, up from the previous amount of
$7,500.  The total budget for the 2001 LEPF Small Grant Program is $200,000.

Small grants are intended to be used as seed money to test the feasibility
of larger research efforts, for small demonstration implementation projects,
technology transfer, and public participation projects. Funding priorities
for this year's grants will be based on the Ohio Lake Erie Commission's
recently released Lake Erie Protection & Restoration Plan (LEPR). This plan
is intended as a blueprint by which the agencies of the Commission will
continue their efforts to protect and restore Ohio's portion of Lake Erie
and its watershed. The plan contains 84 strategic actions that are designed
to improve various environmental, recreational or economic resources within
the Lake Erie basin.

Generally, small grants will be awarded for one year unless the specific
nature of the project warrants a longer time period. As with the large grant
program, please refer purely educational projects to the Ohio Environmental
Education Fund at 614/644-2873.

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission will award small grants at each of its
quarterly meetings. The deadline for submitting proposals for the next round
of LEPF small grants is May 9, with the successive deadlines for 2001 being
July 25 and November 7. The Request for Proposals (RFP) and the application
may be downloaded from the Commission's website at:
www.epa.state.oh.us/oleo, or may be obtained from the Commission's office in
Toledo at 419/245-2514.

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission is comprised of the directors of the Ohio
Environmental Protection Agency and the Departments of Natural Resources,
Transportation, Development, Health and Agriculture. The Commission was
established to preserve Lake Erie's natural resources, protect the quality
of the lake's waters and ecosystem, and promote economic development in the

The Commission oversees the Ohio Lake Erie Protection Fund (LEPF). Since
1992, the Ohio Lake Erie Commission has raised over $5.5 million through the
Lake Erie License Plate sales program and other donations. This specialty
plate, featuring the Marblehead Lighthouse, was designed by artist Ben
Richmond. License plates sales revenues have been used solely to fund LEPF
research and implementation grant projects focusing on improving Lake Erie
and its waterways.

For more information about the Ohio Lake Erie Commission or the Lake Erie
Protection Fund grants program, please contact Greg Tipping, Grants Manager;
Ohio Lake Erie Commission Office at 419/245-2514 or


For press information, contact Jamie Kochensparger, Public Information
Specialist, Ohio Lake Erie Commission Office at 419/245-2514.

Jamie Kochensparger
Public Information Specialist
Ohio Lake Erie Commission
One Maritime Plaza, 4th Floor
Toledo, OH  43604-1866
fax:  419/245-2519

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