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GLIN==> Response to 1/29 Statement Re: "Ballast Dumping"

I am compelled to respond to a friday, January 26 GLIN Announce titled "EPA Threatened with Lawsuit for Ballast Dumping......."    In that posting, the Great
Lakes Sport Fishing Council states that a member of the Great Lakes Commission has "used" his position with the organization- and the Commission's
communications vehicles- to promote his lobbying efforts concerning ballast management.

This statement was irresponsible and unfounded.  Great Lakes Commission policy, including our ballast management resolution in late 2000, is set through
collective, consensus- based decisionmaking that involves 44 Commissioners and Associate Commissioners from every Great Lakes- St. Lawrence state and
province.  Further, our communications vehicles are not, and never have been "used"  as a lobbying tool for any one member.  The Great Lakes Sport Fishing
Council statement fails to mention that that an article by the Commissioner in question appeared in our newsletter- at my invitation-  as one half of a
point/counterpoint article written to inform and educate our readers.

For the record, no one "uses" the Great Lakes Commission, and I'll stake my reputation on that fact.  Through the Commission's efforts, and those of the
Commission-staffed Great Lakes Panel on Aquatic Nuisance Species, a regional multi-sectoral consensus on ballast management is emerging that promises to guide
development of effective, ecologically sound and economically responsible measures. Its important that we focus on what's best for the region, and less on
personal differences.

Michael J. Donahue, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Great Lakes Commission