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GLIN==> USEPA Great Lakes RFP: Educational Course on the Great Lakes

                                Use the R/V Lake Guardian to    
                                conduct an educational course   
                                on the Great Lakes              

                                The U.S. Environmental          
                                Protection Agency, Great Lakes  
                                National Program Office         
                                (GLNPO), is requesting          
                                proposals for use of the R/V    
                                Lake Guardian during June or    
                                July of 2001, to conduct an     
                                educational course on the Great 
                                Lakes. Courses should be        
                                designed to teach               
                                undergraduates, graduate        
                                students, or teachers about the 
                                physical, chemical, and         
                                biological components of the    
                                Great Lakes ecosystem. Courses  
                                designed specifically for       
                                teachers should help them apply 
                                Great Lakes science to their    
                                curriculum. Students would be   
                                trained in both field and       
                                laboratory work aboard the      
                                vessel, and would be eligible   
                                to receive academic credit.     
                                Courses should be approximately 
                                one week long. The recipient of 
                                the award would be responsible  
                                for designing the course,       
                                providing at least two          
                                instructors, advertising        
                                through appropriate venues, and 
                                performing other administrative 
                                functions associated with the   
                                course. Special preference will 
                                be given to recipients who can  
                                offer a diverse pool of         
                                students, from various          
                                institutions across the Great   
                                Lakes Region, equal             
                                opportunities to participate.   
                                GLNPO would provide the ship    
                                time as well as two             
                                environmental scientists. The   
                                estimated value of ship time    
                                for a week -long course is      
                                approximately $70,000. The R/V  
                                Lake Guardian is 180-ft long,   
                                and can accommodate             
                                approximately 15 students, 5    
                                instructors, and the crew. Room 
                                will be supplied by GLNPO, with 
                                a fee charged daily to each     
                                student for meals.              
                                Selection Criteria              
                                Proposals received will be      
                                judged according to the         
                                following criteria:             
                                1.   Qualifications of          
                                2.   Quality of the course      
                                3.   Affordability to students  
                                4.   Ability to include         
                                students from a diverse pool    
                                across the Great Lakes Region   
                                5.   Projected benefits to      
                                Great Lakes conservation,       
                                outreach, and/or research as a  
                                result of the course (e.g.      
                                training graduate students      
                                (future researchers) about the  
                                ecology of the Great Lakes,     
                                proposed research to accompany  
                                course, training teachers who   
                                will then incorporate Great     
                                Lakes issues in their           
                                classroom, public web pages,    
                                publications etc.)              
                                All academic institutions in    
                                the Great Lakes area are        
                                eligible to apply. Preferential 
                                treatment will be given to      
                                institutions that can select    
                                students from a diverse pool    
                                while charging the same program 
                                fee regardless of affiliation.  
                                Proposals (2 copies) should be  
                                submitted to:                   
                                Paul Horvatin                   
                                U.S. Environmental Protection   
                                Great Lakes National Program    
                                Office (G-17J)                  
                                77 West Jackson Blvd.           
                                Chicago, IL 60604-3590          
                                Proposals are due at the above  
                                address by close of business    
                                February 23, 2001.              
                                Proposals should not exceed 10  
                                pages in length and will be     
                                evaluated against the above     
                                criteria. Applicants seeking    
                                additional information may      
                                contact Sandra Hellman at (312) 
                                353-5006 or via e-mail at       
                                This request for proposals is   
                                on line at:                     
                                USEPA is accepting FY 2001      
                                Great Lakes preproposals until  
                                February 16, 2001               
                                Additional information about    
                                USEPA Great Lakes Funding is    
                                available at:                   
                                Visit the USEPA Great Lakes     
                                Program (GLNPO) on line at:     

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