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GLIN==> 2001 Carol A. Ratza Memorial Scholarship (deadline March 31)

2001 Carol A. Ratza Memorial Scholarship

**To recognize outstanding achievement and vision in electronic
communications technology**

Open to high school seniors and returning students enrolled full-time at
a Great Lakes college or university in fall 2001

Application deadline: March 31, 2001

The Great Lakes Commission is pleased to announce a scholarship
opportunity for students with an interest in electronic communications
technology and its applications in the Great Lakes region. The
scholarship is in memory of Carol A. Ratza, a veteran employee of the
Great Lakes Commission and a staunch supporter of the lakes. With unique
vision, Carol created and led numerous influential communications
projects for the region, the most notable being the
Great Lakes Information Network (www.great-lakes.net) and the Great
Lakes Regional Air Toxic Emissions Inventory.


A $500 (U.S.) scholarship will be awarded to a deserving student
enrolled full-time at a college or university in the Great Lakes states
(IL, IN, MI, MN, NY, OH, PA or WI) or Canadian provinces (Ontario or
Québec) during the Fall 2001 semester. The eligible student must have a
demonstrated interest in the environmental or economic applications of
electronic communications technology, exhibit academic excellence, and
have a sincere appreciation for the Great Lakes and their protection.

Application Process

More Information (PDF): http://www.glc.org/announce/00/scholar01.pdf
Application (PDF): http://www.glc.org/announce/00/scholar01_app.pdf

Students should submit the required items to Dr. Michael J. Donahue,
Executive Director, Great Lakes Commission, 400 Fourth Street, Ann
Arbor, MI 48103-4816. Electronic submissions are welcome and encouraged.
E-mail should be directed to mdonahue@glc.org. Application deadline:
March 31, 2001.

1) 1,000-word essay or an original web page (designed and populated by
the student) on a current Great Lakes issue, demonstrating a creative
application of electronic communications technologies

2) Resume

3) Letter of intent explaining the student's career goals and how the
Great Lakes community will benefit

4) Grade transcripts through the last semester completed

5) Two letters of recommendation

Selection Criteria

An award committee, comprised of Carol's family and colleagues, will
announce the scholarship recipient by May 1, 2001. The scholarship will
be awarded in a single payment at that time. The Carol A. Ratza Memorial
Scholarship is supported by donations and an annual appropriation of the
Great Lakes Commission.

The Great Lakes Commission, chaired by Nathaniel E. Robinson
(Wisconsin), is a nonpartisan,
binational compact agency created by state and U.S. federal law and
dedicated to promoting a
strong economy, healthy environment and high quality of life for the
Great Lakes-St. Lawrence region and its residents. The Commission
consists of state legislators, agency officials and governors’
appointees from its eight member states. Associate membership for
Ontario and Québec was established through the signing of a “Declaration
of Partnership.” The Commission maintains a formal Observer program
involving U.S. and Canadian federal agencies, tribal authorities,
binational agencies and other regional interests. The Commission offices
are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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