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GLIN==> Friends of Buffalo River

The Friends of the Buffalo River are seeking an Executive Director for the newly emerging Buffalo/Niagara Rivers Alliance being organized by the Friends.  This arm of the organization continues the mission of the Friends but expands the geographic area of concern from the Buffalo River watershed to the larger Niagara Region.  Our mission is:
    The Friends of the Buffalo River is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and
    restoration of the biological and cultural heritage of the Buffalo and Niagara Rivers and adjacent
    water bodies.  As a public advocacy organization, the Friends monitor and respond to activity on the
    River.  We work with community groups,other NGO's, and governmental organizations and agencies
    to restore the ecology of the rivers and their adjacent habitats, to express and celebrate the cultural
    and historic fabric of the areas, and to improve public access to the River and waterfront by
    surrounding communities and citizens of the region.
The Executive Director will be responsible to the Board of the Friends of the Buffalo River and will work to: (1) Identify, contact and organize conservation, heritage and community groups that share an interest in the regional emphasis and watershed planning; (2) Develop an Advisory Board to work with the Friends that has representation from interested and responsible parties; (3) Develop institutional capacity for the Friends that includes long range strategic planning and the development of a work plan; (4) Organize and publicize public education efforts such as he clean-ups, canoe trips, River Walks and State of the River Symposia; and (4) Develop fundraising strategies to include a new membership drive, grant preparation, and an annual fundraising event.
Please send letters of interest to
Lynda Schneekloth
601 West Ferry Street
Buffalo, NY 14222
Deadline:  Feb. 5.
Part-time: 15-20 hours/week
Salary: appropriate to experience.
Dana Bobinchek
New York League of Conservation Voters
Erie Chapter Director
775 Main Street, Ste. 230
Buffalo, NY 14203
P: 716-856-0457
F: 716-856-0458