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GLIN==> Coastal GeoTools '01 - Final Reminder

Posted on behalf of Stephen Meador <Stephen.Meador@noaa.gov>

Dear Colleague:

One last reminder that the registration deadline for the Coastal
GeoTools '01 conference is Friday, December 1st.  Please see
http://www.csc.noaa.gov/GeoTools/htm/register.htm for details, including
a copy of the registration form.  The conference room rate of $99 plus
tax at the Charleston Place hotel will also increase after this date, so
please call (800) 611-5545 soon to make your reservations.

We look forward to an exciting and informative conference, and we hope
you can make it!

The Coastal GeoTools '01 Planning Committee



Coastal GeoTools is a conference designed to promote the understanding
and use of geospatial technologies such as geographic information
systems (GIS), remote sensing, the Global Positioning System (GPS), and
the Internet to enhance coastal management.  The conference will be held
January 8 to 11, 2001 in Charleston, South Carolina, and will include
more than 80 expert presentations, an interactive poster session,
hands-on GIS, GPS, and other training, a Share Fair, special interest
meetings, commercial exhibits, and a private reception at the new South
Carolina Aquarium (http://www.scaquarium.org/).  Additional details


Jack Dangermond, President, ESRI


Modeling Species Distributions
Data Access and Metadata
Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
Interactive Mapping
Spatial Modeling and Resource Management
Port Planning and Navigation
Habitat Restoration Planning
Innovative Applications of Spatial Modeling
Topographic Mapping with LIDAR
Watershed and Riparian Corridor Planning
Determining Change Using Historical Shorelines
Mapping Coastal Erosion and Flooding
Coastal Applications of Remote Sensing
Land Use and Community Development
Fisheries Habitat
Disaster Applications
Monitoring and Managing Shoreline Change
Managing Living Resources
Marine Boundaries
New Tools and Data Products for Coastal Stewardship

(please see http://www.csc.noaa.gov/GeoTools/htm/agenda.htm for details)


Information Technology for Coastal Managers
Introduction to GIS for Managers (Monday class FULL, Thursday class
Introduction to Remote Sensing
Internet Resources for Coastal Geospatial Data
Metadata Workshop
GPS in a Coastal Environment

(please see http://www.csc.noaa.gov/GeoTools/htm/training.htm for


Topography/Bathymetry Data Integration
FGDC Marine and Coastal Spatial Data Subcommittee Meeting
Applications of C-CAP Land Cover/Change Data for Coastal Management
Coastal Applications of LIDAR and Digital Imaging Technology
GIS Applications for Natural Hazards Reduction

(please see http://www.csc.noaa.gov/GeoTools/htm/special.htm for

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