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Posted on behalf of Karl Nehring <Nehringk@BATTELLE.ORG>

Wetlands and Remediation: The Second International Conference

Background: In November, 1999, Battelle Memorial Institute, a
not-for-profit research organization based in Columbus, Ohio, sponsored
and organized a wetlands and remediation conference in Salt Lake City,
Utah, that brought together more than 300 wetlands and remediation
experts to discuss common issues related to cleaning up contaminated
wetlands and using wetlands (both natural and constructed) for treating
contaminated ground-, surface-, and wastewater.  Based on the success of
that meeting, Battelle is pleased to announce that Wetlands and
Remediation: The Second International Conference will be held September
5-6, 2001, at the Sheraton Burlington Hotel and Conference Center in
Burlington, Vermont.  Website:

Organization:  Karl Nehring of Battelle (614/424-6510,
nehringk@battelle.org), Conference Chairman, will be responsible for
coordinating the development of the technical program.  Carol Young
(614/424-7604, youngc@battelle.org) will be the Conference Coordinator,
responsible for scheduling, correspondence, and issues involving
abstract and manuscript submittal and preparation.  The Conference Group
(800/783-6338, conferencegroup@compuserve.com) of Columbus, Ohio, is
handling the meeting logistics.

Format: After an opening plenary session, there will be multiple
platform sessions (two or three concurrent tracks), and a poster session
on Wednesday evening.   Speakers at the Plenary Session will include Dr.
Barry Warner of the University of Waterloo (current vice president of
the Society of Wetland Scientists) and Dr. John Pardue of Louisiana
State University.

Sponsorship:  Battelle is the sponsor and organizer, and we are hoping
to add co-sponsors for the 2001 conference.  Parsons Engineering
Science, Morrison Knudsen Corporation, the U.S. DoD Environmental
Security Technical Certification Program/Strategic Environmental
Research and Development Program, and the U.S. Naval Facilities
Engineering Command were co-sponsors of the 1999 Conference.
Organizations/firms interested in being co-sponsors of the 2001
Conference should contact The Conference Group.

Participating Organizations:  Organizations committed to helping with
publicity for the conference and encouraging participation should
contact The Conference Group at 800/783-6338.  Participating
organizations for the 1999 meeting included The Center for Wetlands and
Riparian Design (University of Utah), Environmental Business Journal,
the USDA NRCS Wetlands Science Institute, the University of Florida
Center for Wetlands, The Michigan State University Institute of Water
Research, the Olentangy River Wetland Research Park (The Ohio State
University), The Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences/Coastal
Ecology Institute (Louisiana State University), The U.S. Army
Construction Engineering Laboratory, the Utah Water Research Laboratory
(Utah State University), the Tennessee Valley Authority, and the New
York State Wetlands Forum.

Exhibitors:  Companies or organizations interested in having an exhibit
booth at the conference should contact The Conference Group at

Schedule:  The Call for Abstracts will be mailed in November 2000; the
deadline for submitting abstracts will be March 5, 2001.  Once the
program has been finalized and accepted presenters have been sent
acceptance letters, a preliminary program will be mailed.

Proceedings:  A proceedings volume will be prepared and then published
by Battelle Press and mailed to registrants shortly after the
conference.  Proceedings papers will be optional but strongly encouraged
from all presenters, both platform and poster.  Authors wishing to have
their papers appear in the proceedings will be requested to provide
camera-ready copies of their papers by July 13.

Registration:  Because registration fees are by far the major source of
funding for the conference and a significant percentage of registrants
will make presentations, all presenting authors and session chairs are
expected to register and pay the standard fees.

Potential topics for this conference include:

- Natural Attenuation  in Wetlands

- Biological and Ecological Considerations

- Risk-Based Wetlands Remediation

- Regulatory Trends

- Economic Factors in Wetlands Remediation and Restoration

- Wetlands Hydrology and Morphology

- Phytoremediation and Macrophytes in Wetlands

- Wetlands for the Remediation and Treatment of Wastewater

- Wetlands Treatment of Contaminated Sediments

- GIS and Remediation

- Non-point Source Pollution and Agricultural Runoff

- Research Programs and Funding Opportunities

- Remediation of Contaminated Wetlands

- Wetlands Design and Construction

- Creating Wetlands using Dredge Spoils

- Wetlands Restoration and Mitigation

- Explosives and Wetlands

- Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Wetlands

- Mine Waste Considerations

- Metals and Inorganics in Wetlands

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