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GLIN==> Montréal among top five North American cities in new economy employment

Posted on behalf of Donald Leblanc <donald.leblanc@int.mri.gouv.qc.ca>

Montréal among top five North American cities in new economy employment

MONTREAL, October 17, 2000 - The study, conducted with the support of E&B
DATA, drew statistical comparisons of the number and total employment of
medium- and large-size high tech companies in the largest metropolitan areas
in North America. Only cities with populations of over three million in
their metro areas were included. In all, 15 cities were identified, with
Montréal number 14. The only other Canadian city, Toronto, was number 10.
Three new economy sectors were reviewed: information technology (including
manufacturers of computers and related products, system and software
developers, telecom and Internet services and IT consulting),
biopharmaceuticals and aerospace.

The study showed the five cities with the highest number of medium-to-large
business in the new economy sectors were New York, San Francisco, Los
Angeles, Boston and Washington, D.C. Toronto placed sixth, and Montréal was
eighth. Seattle was a distant twelfth. In relation to their total
populations, the top five cities were San Francisco, Seattle, Boston,
Montréal and Dallas (ninth overall). Toronto ranked sixth.

"Montréal employs more than 100,000 people in medium-to-large size
businesses in new economy sectors," said Michael Cogan with
PricewaterhouseCoopers' Technology Info-Comm and Entertainment group in
Montréal. "When we look at employment in the three sectors against the total
population of our metro area, Montréal has the second largest per capita
employment in aerospace - behind Seattle - third largest in
biopharmaceuticals and fourth in information technology."

Although Montréal has a relatively small population among the top 15
metropolitan areas in North America, it still scored in the top 10 in total
employment in each of the new economy sectors, says Jean Matuszewski,
president of E&B DATA. "Montréal is the fifth largest employer in the
aerospace sector, the eighth in biopharmaceuticals and ninth in information
technology. In fact, we expect Montréal's ranking in aerospace will improve
with the investments recently announced by Bombardier."

Medium-to-large size businesses in the study were defined as companies with
over 100 employees. The statistics were complied by E&B DATA. Over 10,000
companies were examined through data analysis and direct interviews between
October 1999 and May 2000.


A copy of the study can be found at http://www.ebdata.com/hightech/

For more information, please contact:

Michael Cogan
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Telephone: (514) 205-5048
Email: michael.a.cogan@ca.pwcglobal.com
Alternative Email: press.contact@ca.pwcglobal.com

Jean Matuszewski
Telephone: (514) 276-1700 (105)
Email: jm@ebdata.com

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