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GLIN==> Please Help Stop POPS From Harming People & Wildlife!

Posted on behalf of Richard Spotts <spotts@ncis.net>

Please Help Protect Great Lakes Wildlife and Public Health!

Dear Conservationists:

Please help push for a strong global treaty to eliminate a group of 
dangerous chemicals known as persistent organic pollutants (POPs).  
Governments around the world have been negotiating a treaty to 
eliminate these chemicals and are currently finalizing their positions in 
preparation for the final negotiating session in South Africa in early 
December.  On key treaty provisions, the United States needs to adopt 
positions more protective of the environment and public health.

Eliminating these toxic chemicals is particularly critical in the Great 
Lakes region.  Many of the pollutants that would be covered by the 
treaty already pose a significant threat to Great Lakes communities.  
These chemicals contaminate fish, dairy products, and other food 
sources.  High concentrations accumulate in the body fat of wildlife 
and people throughout the Great Lakes region. 

Although many of the chemicals targeted by the treaty have been 
banned in the United States, wind currents continue to carry them into 
this country - especially into the Great Lakes region  - from other 
countries.  At the same time, the United States continues to generate 
and release dioxins and other highly toxic "byproduct" POPs.  Great 
Lakes fish, such as lake trout, have suffered population declines and 
reproductive failures due to dioxin and PCB contamination. Without 
elimination of these persistent organic pollutants, it will be impossible 
to clean up the Great Lakes and provide a safe environment for people 
and wildlife in the region.

Please go to http://takeaction.worldwildlife.org/greatlakes/ to send free 
messages urging your congressional representatives to call on the 
Clinton Administration to support a strong global treaty eliminating 
persistent organic pollutants.  This treaty is important to the health of 
the Great Lakes and to people and the environment around the globe.  
Many thanks to the World Wildlife Fund for providing this Action Alert, and
to you for your consideration of this request.

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