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Please forward to anyone that has (or might have) Calumet Area knowledge to

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Sent: Friday, July 21, 2000 1:31 PM

Please forward to everyone (relevant) you can think of!
               (apologies for cross postings and duplicates)

The Calumet Area of northwest Indiana and northeast Illinois [USA] is
receiving a
lot of well deserved attention these days. Many different agencies, citizen
groups, governments from local to federal levels are moving forward with
various initiatives and projects to revitalize both the economic and the
ecological health of this region. To work, these initiatives and projects
need information. There is no time to reinvent the wheel--we need a
searchable database on who has done what research in the Calumet Area to
both draw from existing expertise and to develop research programs to fill
critical gaps in our knowledge.

This is where the Calumet Area Integrated Database comes in. We have
created a web-based form to gather meta-data about the research that is
underway or recently completed in the Calumet Area.


- complete entries for the work you have done in the Calumet Region, and to
- send this message on to other scientists and listservs.  We have found
people with research information about Calumet as far away as New York and
California. We would like to reach all these folks so that the database can
be as complete as possible.

Where is this web site and how do I start?

Point your browser to:


This is the permanent address for the database, and the page that should be
bookmarked for easy access.

click on "entry form"
then click on "enter data"
then create a log-in and start entering your work.

More details about this web site

This is a project of the Calumet Government Working Group, the Calumet
Environmental Resources Center of Chicago State University, the CAGIS
project at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the metadata
specialists at Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission.

The database will be available on the web and entries may, after a short
follow-up interview, be added to the local meta-data clearing house, making
the information available more easily world-wide.

The site is still being improved, but it is sufficiently developed to be
stable and useable (the search functions need the most development at this
point). The beta testers for the site gave us great feedback, but please
feel free to continue to send us word of improvements you would like to see
in the entry form and the search functions.

Many thanks to Paul Adelson of Sweetspring Systems for volunteering his
time and skills to develop this web site for us.

If you want further information about the Calumet Integrated Database
project, please e-mail: calumet@cagis.uic.edu.

Lynne M. Westphal
Research Social Scientist
USDA Forest Service
North Central Research Station
NOTE NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS: lwestphal@fs.fed.us
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