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GLIN==> CEA Demands Protection for Ojibway Shores at Windsor Port Authority Annual General Meeting

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Citizens Environment Alliance
Demands Protection for Ojibway Shores at Windsor Port Authority Annual

The Citizens Environment Alliance is outraged that the Windsor Port
Authority (WPA) intends to destroy the last undeveloped-natural area
along the Detroit River within the city of Windsor's boundaries. The WPA,
a federally-mandated body, will be holding their Annual General
Meeting on Thursday, June 22, 2000; the CEA will be there to signal
our support for the preservation of the Ojibway Shores.

The meeting, at Willistead Manor (1899 Niagara Street), begins at 4:30

The Windsor Port Authority has made it clear that they intend to
pursue the destruction of this property, with or without public
discussion or approval. David Cree, President and C.E.O. of the
Windsor Port Authority told the Windsor Star, "Our intention is that
property (Ojibway Shores) will be used for marine industrial use

Ojibway Shores comprises more than 14 hectares of ecologically
significant land on Windsor's west side. It's size is a ecological
crucial feature, providing  habitat for numerous rare plant
species and tree cover for many migratory birds. Its geographic
location is also significant in that it provides vital linkage with other
natural areas in the region. In its current state (it) acts as a
wildlife linkage or corridor between the Detroit River and the interior
significant sites of the Ojibway complex, Black Oak Woods, Ojibway
Site #37, and it contains a marsh, young woods dominated by pioneer
species like Cottonwood, Elm and a large Poplar/Elm dominated
swamp," stated ERCA biologist Dan Lebedyk in a December 1998
interview with ROOM Magazine.

The Citizens Environment Alliance has long been outraged at the
proposed destruction of this property. "Eventual plans to
construct a dock will result in substantial loss of highly valued
near-shore habitat, areas essential to spawning and nursery areas for
fish and nesting areas for water-foul," stated Ric Coronado, research
director of the CEA in a December 1998 interview with ROOM

We must ensure that this land remains in its natural state. The
Citizens Environment Alliance is calling for immediate action to protect
the ecological integrity of Ojibway Shores. For more information
about our Save Ojibway Shores Campaign see http://www.mnsi.net/~cea

Join us at 4pm outside Willistead Manor on Thursday, June 22, 2000

Contact: Shawn Hupka - Citizens Environment Alliance - (519) 973-1116
Dianne Lockwood - Citizens Environment Alliance - (519) 973-1116

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