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GLIN==> Solar 2000/Energy Fair

Posted on behalf of the Midwest Renewable Energy Association 

The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) and the Midwest Renewable
Association (MREA) will be joining forces this summer in Madison,
Wisconsin, June 12-21, 2000 to offer the public access to products and
information about renewable energy and sustainable living.

The American Solar Energy Society's National Solar Energy Conference is
the annual forum for the exchange of information about advances in solar
energy technologies, programs and concepts.  The Solar 2000 Conference
will include over 200 technical, symposium, and plenary presentations on
the entire range of solar technologies, presented by leaders in
technical and professional fields.  This conference will be held at the
Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison, WI.

Full Conference registration includes: Attendance at conference sessions
from Monday, June 19 through Wednesday, June 21, Welcome Reception, one
day pass to MREA Energy Fair and Exhibit, Awards Banquet, and conference
proceedings on CD-ROM. There are special rates and conditions for
students and one-day attendees.

In addition, professional workshops and tours are scheduled June 12-18,
and June 22.  Workshop highlights include: Women's Photovoltaic Design,
June 12-16; Interconnection of Renewable Energy Generating Systems to
the Utility Grid, June 16; Photovoltaic Energy Conversion PV Technology,
Cost, Products, Markets, Systems, Forecast: 2010, June 17; World Wind
Energy Development, June 18.  Tours focusing on  Alternative Energy
Homes, Businesses, and buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright will
also be available. Locations, hours, and prices vary, please contact
ASES for more information on these workshops and tours.

SOLAR 2000 is sponsored by:
United States Department of Energy
Wisconsin Energy Bureau
Duke Solar
Wisconsin Public Service Corporation
Spire Corporation/Spire Solar Chicago
Energy Center of Wisconsin
Madison Gas & Electric
Pacific Gas & Electric
Home Power Magazine

To learn more about the Solar 2000 Conference, contact:
ASES, 2400 Central Ave. G-1, Boulder, CO 80301.  (303) 443-3130.
American Solar Energy Society web site is: http://www.ases.org

The Midwest Renewable Energy Association will be hosting the ASES
conference in conjunction with their annual Renewable Energy and
Sustainable Living Fair, to be held at the Dane County Expo Center, June
16-18, 2000.  The Energy Fair is a three-day festival designed to teach
the public about renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable

This year the Energy Fair will offer over 100 different workshops
throughout the weekend. Workshop topics will include solar electrical
systems, wind electrical systems, solar water heating, solar space
heating, energy-efficient home and building design, alternative
transportation, biomass, fuel cells, straw bale construction, organic
gardening, solar cooking, food preservation, and sustainable urban
living. We will also have round table discussions on renewable energy
policy issues. Confirmed speakers include: Native American activist
Winona LaDuke, Earth Odyssey author Mark Hertsgaard, and one of the
world's leading experts on wind power, Paul Gipe. 

There will be a complete track of activities for children, so bring the
whole family.

To learn more about the MREA and the Fair contact:
MREA, 7558 Deer Rd., Custer, WI 54423, 715-592-6595, or visit our web
site at http://www.the-mrea.org

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