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GLIN==> Great Lakes United Annual Meeting June 2-4, Duluth

Dear GLIN-announcers --

Consider attending the year's most important basinwide meeting
of Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River activists, Friday, June 2,
through Sunday, June 4, near Duluth, Minnesota.
    Full details below.  Highlights include:
 > Expert panelists on climate change and the Great Lakes
 > Expert panelists on world trade and the Great Lakes
 > Expert speaker on a possible U.N. treaty banning
 > Session seeking your input on the first activist "water use"
agenda for the Great Lakes basin -- preventing ecosystem
damage from wasteful use, damming, bulk export, diversion,
and sprawl
 > Kayaking instruction, nature walks, music night
 > Our most excellent conference site -- an actual resort!
     Write moe@glu.org for more information or to register.

Great Lakes United's 18th Annual General Meeting, June 2-4
Superior Shores Resort, Two Harbors, Minnesota
"Connecting the Four Directions"

Friday, June 2
3:00    Field trips
     [ ]  Hike  the Split Rock River Trail,  free
     [ ]  Kayak the bay outside  Superior Shores $15 US /
$21 C per hour with instructor
5:00    Registration
7:00    Talking circle & local groups report
9:00     Reception & bonfire

Saturday, June 3
7:00    Breakfast
8:00    Registration
9:00    Welcome
9:15    GLU in review
9:45    Keynote: Global climate change and the Great Lakes
            --Dr. John Pastor, University of MN-Duluth
            --Dr. Tom Johnson, Large Lakes Observatory
            --J. Drake Hamilton, Minnesotans for an Energy
                  Efficient Economy
11:00   Concurrent workshop session I
        [ ]  Roundtable: World trade and the Great Lakes
        [ ]  Ecofeminism: Finding a voice for Mother Earth
        [ ]  Coalition building: Local groups' presentations
12:00   Lunch
1:00    Concurrent workshop session II
        [ ]  Restoring Lake Superior's native fish
        [ ]  Dead on the road: Grassroots tools for  biomonitoring
        [ ]  Implementing the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement
2:00    Outdoor Activities: the Superior Hiking trail and
                 kayaking instruction
3:15     Announcements
3:30    Task force sessions
        [ ]  Habitat & Biodiversity - Restoring Great Lakes wetlands,
                  forests, & fisheries
        [ ]  Sustainable Waters -  Citizens agenda for Great Lakes
                 water use management
        [ ]  Clean Production  -   Advancing cradle-to-grave product
                  responsibility in the Great Lakes
        [ ]  Nuclear-Free Great Lakes  -  Renewable energy strategies
7:00     Barbecue dinner and awards
8:30     Party and dancing

Sunday, June 4
6:00    Bird walk at Gooseberry Falls State Park
8:00    Breakfast with optional topic tables
9:00    Great Lakes & U.N. Persistant Organic Pollutants Treaty
           --Dr. Gary Glass, U.S. EPA, Mid-continental Ecology Division
           --Paul Smith, Indigenous Environmental Network
10:15    Concurrent sessions
        [ ]  GLU annual business meeting  - Financial reports,
                  policy resolutions, and voting
        [ ]  Lake Superior Alliance  Technology training: generating
                  fax responses to action alerts
11:45    Closing

This year's annual meeting is looking like it  may be our best  meeting
ever!  It's at a resort on the shore of Lake Superior  and will include all
the comforts of home and then some. The cost  has also  been discounted
to make the meeting a real value.  Whether you're a newcomer or a
seasoned GLU AGM attendee, you'll leave this meeting feeling inspired!

Registration Form




City: __________________State/Province:________

Postal Code:__________ Phone:________________

--- No refunds after 5/26/00 ---

[ ]    Saturday Pass - registration only, US$30, C$45

[ ]   Saturday Pass with food - registration, lunch &
       dinner, US$60, C$85

[ ]   Weekend stay  - Fri & Sat lodging, Sat all
        meals, & Sun breakfast)  US$125, C$180

[ ]    Fri night stay (includes Fri lodging +breakfast,
        lunch, & dinner on Sat) US$80, C$120

[ ]    Weekend package for campers (includes
         registration, Sat all meals, & Sun breakfast)
         US$95, C$135

[ ]   $25 late  registration fee after May 17th

Total Enclosed $____________________

Room rates given are with a roommate.

Desired roommate:_________________________

Payment: [ ] Check [ ] Mastercard [ ] Visa

Card number:______________________________

Exp. date: _________________________________

Signature: _________________________________

Nearby Burlington Bay has camping available for those interested.
For more information call (218) 834-2021

Additional Registration Information
Limited number of single rooms - call the office for rates and availability
(716) 886-0142.  Unless otherwise specified, GLU will assign same-sex

Checks - please make out to: Great Lakes United at Buffalo State College,
Cassety Hall, 1300 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222

Field Trips
Please pre-register for Friday activities so we can arrange adequate
transportation.  Activities run from 3-6:00 PM.
       For more information see details on field trips below.
[ ]   Kayak in the bay outside Superior Shores.  Kayaks with instructors are
       available for $15 US / $21 C per hour.
       Must include cost with registration prior to May 26th.
[ ]   Hiking on the Split Rock River Trail, Mike Mageau leading hike, free

Other Events
[ ]   Lake Superior Binational Forum's "Electric Power 2020: Clean Energy
       for Lake Superior" workshop. Friday, June 2nd, 8 am-5:30 pm.
       More info: Jane  Silberstein @ 715-682-1489, jsilberstein@northland.edu
[ ]   Great Lakes Fishery Commission's 45th Annual Meeting
       reception, Monday June 5th, 6-8 pm, and Tuesday, June 6th, 8 am-6 pm.
       More info: Patricia Bronkowski @ 734-662-3209x11

Attendee List & Bio
To help you coordinate with others with similar interests, we will put
together a comprehensive list of attendees and their background information.
Please take a moment to fill this out.  We will be forwarding the completed
list to you before the meeting.  Name and Affiliated Organization will be
taken from registration form.  Please list areas of interest and note if
this is the first GLU meeting ever attended.  Thank you for your




Please mail, email (moe@glu.org) or fax (716-886-0303)
to receive by May 17th. Registration deadline is May 26th.

Field Trips

Ready to make a splash on Lake Superior?! Kayak in the bay outside
Superior Shores.
      The shoreline in the area is truly scenic and very relaxing.   Kayaks 
instructors are available for $15 US / $21 C per hour.  Please include cost
with registration prior to May 26th. Don't wait to the last minute.  Space is
limited.  Overflow could go to Saturday afternoon time slot for outdoor

Hiking on the Split Rock River Trail (Mike Mageau leading the hike)
      Hike on the wilderness footpath of the North Shore of Lake Superior. 
the beauty of the hardwood forests of birch and maple, and into  boreal
forests of spruce, pine and fir - a region thriving with spectacular
wildflowers and diverse wildlife. This landscape, once carved by ancient
glaciers, is dominated by Lake Superior, the largest-area freshwater lake in
the world. The Superior Hiking Trail weaves along the Sawtooth Mountain
range -- easily the most impressive scenery in the Midwest.

Other Events
      Electric Power 2020: Clean Energy for Lake Superior
The Lake Superior Binational Forum is holding  an all day workshop, Friday,
June 2,  at 8 am-5:30 pm on reducing emissions of toxic substances,
especially mercury, from the Electric Utility industry. The workshop will be
held at Barker's Island Inn in Superior, Wisconsin, and is free and open to
the public. GLU will have our renewable energy display at the workshop, and
a follow-up session at our Nuclear-free Great Lakes Task Force meeting
on Saturday.  GLU Annual Meeting attendees are encouraged to come a day
early and attend this workshop.  Only 45 minutes away from Superior
Shores. Through the Binational Program to Restore and Protect the Lake
Superior Basin, the basin has been designated a "zero discharge
demonstration zone" for nine persistent bioaccumulative toxic substances,
including mercury. The target date to achieve zero discharge and
emissions of mercury in the Lake Superior basin is 2020.
      Emissions of mercury from coal-burning power plants are a significant
source of mercury to Lake Superior. The Forum's workshop will focus on
possible means to reduce mercury emissions from this sector to levels
consistent with the goals of the Lake Superior Binational Program. Speakers
from both an environmentalist and an industry perspective will present
information on mercury control technology, alternative sources of electricity,
and energy conservation. We will discuss the potential for each to bring us
closer to the zero discharge goal, barriers to their use, and ways to
overcome those barriers.
      Call: Jane  Silberstein @ 715-682-1489, jsilberstein@northland.edu

      Great Lake Fishery Commission's 45th Annual Meeting
There is an open reception and tour on Monday  evening, June 5th, from 6 pm-
8 pm  at Duluth's new aquarium (officially opening in July).  The
aquarium is located at 353 Harbor Drive.  The plenary session of the Great
Lakes Fishery Commission's meeting will be Tuesday, June  6th, 8 am-6 pm.
Come and learn the latest on  sea lamprey management, interactions between
fisheries and the environment, and the binational  Lake Committee
issues. Anyone interested is encouraged to attend.  The meeting is free and
is being held at the Radisson Hotel-Harborview in Duluth, 30 minutes
from Superior Shores.  Rooms are also available at the Radisson
Hotel-Harborview.  Call the hotel for info and rates: 218-727-8981.  Be sure
to mention the Great Lakes Fishery Commison when blocking your room for
the best rate. For more info call:  Patricia Bronkowski  w/ the GL Fishery
Commission @ 734-662-3209x11

Who is Great Lakes United?

Great Lakes United is a not-for-profit coalition of community-based and
regional organizations and individuals, from the United States, Canada, and
First Nations. Our mission is to develop and maintain a healthy ecosystem in
the Great Lakes St. Lawrence River Basin.

GLU emerged in 1982 when environmental, conservation, labor and community
organizations saw the need to create a diverse, regional coalition to
organize, educate and advocate for the protection of the Basin as an
ecosystem. Organizational members such as the Erie County Water Authority,
the League of Women Voters, United Auto Workers, the Grand Cal Task Force,
Niagara River Anglers and the Assembly of First Nations exemplify
the diversity of this unique coalition. GLU fulfills its charge from its
members by:

* Promoting and coordinating citizen action
* Building strong grassroots leadership
* Educating citizens and policy-makers
* Developing and advocating for effective policy initiatives

Great Lakes United's policies are guided by resolutions debated and adopted
by member organizations at our annual general meeting. Through this
process, GLU acts as a crucible for working out sound, practical Great Lakes
policies that balance diverse stakeholder interests.

GLU is governed by a 24-member Board of Directors composed of six regional
representatives, two Native Nation representatives, five U.S. atlarge
representatives, five Canadian atlarge representatives, and a six-member
executive committee. They represent regions across the Great Lakes-St.
Lawrence River basin, from Duluth to Chicoutimi, Quebec. The Board meets
four times each year. In addition to regular standing committees (finance,
bylaws, personnel, and executive), board members participate in four task
forces: Clean Production, Biodiversity and Habitat Protection, Sustainable
Waters and Renewable Energy/Nuclear-free Great Lakes.

Great Lakes United's staff is currently composed of six full-time positions:
executive director, four field coordinators and membership/database
coordinator; and four part-time positions: administrative assistant, office
manager, program assistant and development coordinator. We also make
extensive use of volunteers and interns. We contract for short-term
organizing work with regionally based member groups. Our offices are in
Buffalo and Montreal.


Reg Gilbert
Senior Coordinator


(716) 886-0142, fax: -0303

Great Lakes United
Buffalo State College, Cassety Hall
1300 Elmwood Ave.
Buffalo, NY, 14222


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