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GLIN==> MONTRÉAL is setting up an "E-COMMERCE CITY"

Posted on behalf of Donald Leblanc <donald.leblanc@mri.gouv.qc.ca>


NASDAQ Canada among companies to locate in high-tech district

Montréal, May 11, 2000 -- Québec's Deputy Premier and Minister of State for
the Economy and Finance, Mr. Bernard Landry, today announced the creation in
Montréal of the E-COMMERCE CITY. Encompassing a vast real estate complex of
close to 3 million square feet in downtown Montréal, the complex will
eventually bring together more than 20,000 workers active in the e-commerce
sector. Easily accessible and located near the main decision-making centers
of Québec’s business and financial capital, the center's facilities will
feature all the latest services, permitting companies that set up operations
there to take full advantage of an optimal work environment.

In addition to taking advantage of a thoroughly modern infrastructure,
companies that choose the E-COMMERCE CITY will benefit from the
concentration and synergy of several firms working in related fields. This
may translate into:

• technological exchanges;
• strategic alliances;
• the pooling of specialized services (for example, in training);
• the presence of financial investors who know the e-business sector;
• the creation of service firms in leading-edge fields.

Businesses that establish their operations in the E-COMMERCE CITY will
benefit from major tax assistance applicable to the development and supply
of services related to e-commerce. This assistance will take the form of a
25% tax credit on wages, up to a maximum of C$10,000 (about US$6,700) per
year for each job. The assistance will be available for a 10-year period.
The competitive advantages of Montréal, combined with this assistance
measure, will make the E-COMMERCE CITY one of the most competitive locations
in North America for developing solutions linked to e-commerce.

At the time of the announcement, Mr. John T. Wall, Chairman of NASDAQ
International, confirmed that the head office of NASDAQ Canada, whose
creation was announced two weeks ago, will be situated in the new E-COMMERCE
CITY. In addition, CGI, a Canadian leader in information technology
consulting services and the fifth-largest firm of its kind in North America,
plans to open a facility in the complex. CGI intends to locate 2,400 jobs
there over the short term and to increase this number to more than 4,000
within five years.

Mr. Serge Godin, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of CGI,
emphasized that “the creation of the E-COMMERCE CITY is an extremely
interesting opportunity for growth and development. On this site devoted to
e-business, CGI will concentrate the group’s various activities related to
e-commerce, will train young people and will create new jobs”.

For Deputy Premier Landry, “the E-COMMERCE CITY will make it possible to
develop in Montréal a center of excellence in e-commerce and to accelerate
the development of business firms in a field that offers a strong growth

Additional information is available at www.e-conomie-quebec.com

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