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GLIN==> Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Educational Fair Announcement

Friday 4/21/00

Attention:  Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Fair Announcement

Michigan Governor John Engler declares Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) Week
in Michigan May 7-13th.  Local group holds special event which is as follows:

May 7th ,  2000 -  Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Fair

Location:  Good Food Company West; Canton,  MI
Time: 2-5pm
Crossroads:  Ford rd and Lilley- Good Food is located at the S.E. corner of
Ford and Lilley
Directions: I-275 to Ford rd.  East on Ford rd to Lilley.

*Information and resources for those who suffer from MCS with be on hand as
well as refreshments

*The 1998 video entitled "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: How chemical exposures
may be affecting  your health" that 
interviews experts in the field as well as sufferers of MCS will be shown

* Spokesperson Chris Cote of Air Analysis Inc. of Michigan will talk of the
importance of indoor air quality in regards to MCS.

* Spokesperson Steve Tvedten will talk of the importance of Integrated Pest

*Chemically injured Federal Workers quilt will be on display

*Books and other publications on MCS will be on display

* Resources such as the (CIIN) Chemical Injury Information Network, the National
Coalition for the Chemically Injured (NCCI), and other networking contacts will
be made available
*Time will be taken to explain what chemical products make people with MCS ill
and how to protect healthy individuals from getting MCS

*Discussion will be made on how to improve indoor air quality

*Meet others with MCS
*Interesting articles such as the 1999 Wall Street Journals investigation of
Halifax, Nova Scotia where 80% of the schools and public buildings are scent
free and violators are sent immediately home to shower will also be on hand

     The purpose of this gathering is to inform the general public as well as
the chemically injured--
We’re asking  the public to please come unscented to the gathering- for many
cannot tolerate fragrances, hairsprays, bodycare products, etc.  

     Please tell friends and those you know who have MCS about the fair as this
is a one-time event and will have a big turnout, so many of their questions
can be answered--and if you don't have MCS, learn how to protect yourself and
your family.  Learn to question what cleaning products, perfumes, paints and
solvents do to indoor air quality and how this can affect people over time.
 Mark your calendars!

     MCS Friends of Michigan is a state member of the National Coalition of
the Chemically Injured (NCCI), whose mission is to promote efforts of its member
groups to educate the public, medical community, elected government officials,
and the media of the need for greater recognition, treatment, accomodation,
research, and most importantly prevention of chemical injury and chemical sensitivity

     Many, many people do not know what this condition is or how it might affect
their lives over time—they may experience symptoms of sensitivity to perfumes
or hair sprays, or have trouble walking in shopping malls, or feel ill at work
when their office is renovated with improperly ventilated building materials
and not  be able to make the connection to their symptoms.  This is a growing
health issue; simply ask people on the street these days if they are allergic
or sensitive to the above substances and you’ll be surprised what you hear.
  Also, people who then become ill do not know what they have nor do their doctors;
only the leading toxicologists and experts in the field of environmental medicine
or  those who suffer from the illness and the like have a grasp of what it means
to have MCS- for once one gets it their life is forever changed in trying to
accommodate the illness and to date there is no cure.  We want people to know
there are resources out there to help them, ( though to date, they are limited
due to politcal and industrial conflicts of interest --that’s why simple awareness
is key for our health )  that many others suffer from varying degrees of this
illness.  We believe there are reasons why people have developed this condition-
the enormous increase in the use of new chemicals since World War II has led
not only to the pollution of the outdoor environment but also the sharp decrease
in the quality of indoor air in the home and the workplace.  We hope MCS will
be a signal to the larger community of the power of chemicals on the health
of people so action can be taken to clean up our environments.  If environmental
activists had any doubt about what they might have been fighting for in the
past when tackling environmental issues, now they can know more concretely 
what happens to the human organism when exposed to pollution, let alone ecology

For more information contact Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Friends at (248)

Come Join Us!
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