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GLIN==> Electric Power 2020: Clean Energy for Lake Superior

[Posted on behalf of the Lake Superior Binational Forum]

On June 2, 2000, the Lake Superior Binational Forum will present

** Electric Power 2020: Clean Energy for Lake Superior **

a workshop on reducing emissions of toxic substances, especially mercury, from the Electric Utility industry.  The workshop will be held at Barker's Island Inn in Superior, Wisconsin, and is free and open to the public.

The Binational Forum is a multi-stakeholder advisory group to the federal, state, and provincial governments with jurisdiction over Lake Superior. Through the Binational Program to Restore and Protect the Lake Superior Basin, the governments of Canada, the United States, Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota have designated the Lake Superior basin as a "zero discharge demonstration zone" for nine persistent, bioaccumulative toxic substances, including mercury.  The target date to achieve zero discharge and emissions of mercury in the Lake Superior basin is 2020.

Emissions of mercury from coal-burning power plants are a significant source of mercury to Lake Superior.  The Forum's workshop will focus on possible means to reduce mercury emissions from this sector to levels consistent with the goals of the Lake Superior Binational Program.  Speakers from both an environmentalist and an industry perspective will present information on mercury control technology, alternative sources of electricity, and energy conservation.  We will discuss the potential for each to bring us closer to the zero discharge goal, barriers to their use, and ways to overcome those barriers.


Organizations, governments, and industry are invited to present displays in the accompanying Exhibitor's Hall.  Displays must present information on electricity production, the electric utility industry, the impacts of emissions from the industry, and/or achieving reductions of emissions.  Long breaks during the program will provide ample time for viewing the displays, talking with presenters, and networking.

For more information about the workshop or to register as an exhibitor, please contact Jane Silberstein, U.S. Coordinator, Lake Superior Binational Forum at 715-682-1489 (JSILBERSTEIN@NORTHLAND.EDU) or Jane Reyer, Member, Lake Superior Binational Forum at 218-723-8831 (JREYER@MR.NET)

For more information about the Lake Superior Binational Forum and the Lake Superior Binational Program, visit http://www.cciw.ca/glimr/lakes/superior/

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