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GLIN==> RE: E-M:/ Contact "Today" Show -- Demand Fair Reporting on Elephant Issue

Have you ever seen the pile an Elephant leaves behind?  Definite NPS
possibilities, especially considering length of time they waited.


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Elephant Issue

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What does this possibly have to do with Environmental Issues in the State of

Michigan.  Obviously the long-endured problem of posting inappropriate items

on this list has not been resolved.  Surely this is an item of interest to 
another discussion group.  Granted, this is an item of concern for those 
interested in elephants, however, the only environmental aspect of this 
article is that they (the elephants) were outside IN the environment.

-Bryon Lawrence

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>Subject: E-M:/ Contact "Today" Show -- Demand Fair Reporting on Elephant 
>Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 14:27:12 EST
>This morning, at approx. 8:45, on a cold, rainy day when temperatures were
>hovering below 40 degrees, the Today Show did a live shot with elephants
>from the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey circus.  This is the second time 
>weeks that the show has featured the circus, as two weeks ago Matt Lauer 
>an in studio interview with Sarah (Houcke?), their newest glamour girl and
>so-called elephant expert who trains them with "love."
>Today, Sarah appeared on the show with another trainer named "Randy."  The
>elephants shown were Jewel,  40 years old, and Rebecca,  25 years old.  I
>imagine they were waiting either outside, unsheltered, or in unheated
>trailers since
>the very early morning hours, awaiting their 15 minutes of fame on live TV.
>Randy claimed that caring for the animals is 24-hour-a-day job, and then 
>a so-called pedicure on Jewel by making her put one of her feet up on a 
>as he
>supposedly filed her nails.  Host Matt Lauer asked how long the elephants
>can perform, and Sarah said until old age like 60, 70 years, and then, she
>they go to a "retirement home!"
>Lauer then asked if having the elephants stand on their hind legs was a
>natural behavior, and Sarah claimed that yes, these are movements they
>naturally do, but that they just "encourage" them to perform these natural
>movements.  She stated that elephants stand on their hind legs to get 
>off trees in the wild!
>Lauer, noting that it was cold, offered Sarah his coat (I think he draped 
>around her, was out of the room at that  moment) and the audience went "
>Awww...." in approval of his chivalry.  Lauer  then stated, half jokingly,
>that the elephants didn't need the coat because "the elephants don't care
>about the cold."  And then off to commercial, after which they were going 
>show some trained dogs.
>Please contact the Today Show to urge them not to promote such a cruel
>enterprise and to present both sides of the circus issue:  e-mail:
>today@nbc.com  ______________________
>Ask "Today" to Present Both Sides of Circus Controversy
>The March 21, 2000, broadcast of NBC's "Today" show featured a one-sided
>promotion of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus that included
>elephants and animal trainers. Contrary to the statements made by 
>trainers, elephants in the circus never have a nice day. Elephants in the
>circus live
>most of their lives in leg shackles, they are beaten with bullhooks to 
>their spirits, and they are forced to travel most of the in unheated and
>uncooled boxcars. They often suffer crippling injuries from constantly 
>chained and forced to perform physically difficult tricks.
>Ringling has been cited repeatedly by the USDA for violating minimum
>standards of care over the years. With Ringling's attendance declining and
>legislation being introduced at local, state, and federal levels that would
>restrict traveling animal acts, "Today's" Ringling promotion is 
>with current views.
>Please contact the executive producer and politely ask that he present both
>of the circus controversy.
>  Jeff Zucker, Executive Producer "Today"
>  30 Rockefeller Plz.
>  New York, NY 10112
>  Tel.: 212-664-4249
>  Fax: 212-664-4426
>  E-Mail: today@nbc.com
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