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GLIN==> Great Lakes Environmental Economics Fellowship


Application Deadline - February 15, 2000

Purpose of the Great Lakes Environmental Economics Fellowship

The Lake Michigan Federation announces the availability of its Great Lakes
Environmental Economics Fellowship.  Because economic factors so strongly
influence public and environmental health policies, the goals of the
Fellowship are to fund graduate student assistance to:

* Develop economic approaches for protecting various elements of the Great
Lakes ecosystem.

* Support students interested in environmental economics as advocacy tools,
similar to the practice of public interest environmental law and

* Provide matching funds with other sources to enhance support for
complimentary economics work.

    The Lake Michigan Federation is interested in supporting work on the
following environmental economics projects:

Identifying case studies of how urban lakefront habitat has provided
economic benefits and identifying further research to help promote urban
aquatic habitat.

Analyzing the economic costs of sand dune mining and benefits of sand
dune protection.

Assessing the economic benefits of preventing toxic pollution (e.g.,
pesticides) from running off into Great Lakes tributaries v. dredging out
downstream sediment after it has already been contaminated.

Benefit-cost considerations associated with drilling for oil under Lake

Application Process
Letters of interest (LOI), including qualifications, statements of interest
about particular projects and in environmental economics work must be sent
the following address by 5 p.m. February 15, 2000, for work during the
2000 school semester.  LOIs should include a one-page outline of work
proposed for performance under projects of interest.  The LOI must include a
commitment by a faculty advisor to assist in guiding research and other work
under the project.

Lake Michigan Federation staff will fund up to $5,000 in projects per year
2000 and 2001.  Matching funds are encouraged and may allow for an increase
in the number of projects funded. The Lake Michigan Federation offers the
Great Lakes Environmental Economics Fellowship with funding from The Joyce
Foundation.  Letters of interest and inquiries about specific projects
be directed to:

Cameron Davis, Executive Director

Lake Michigan Federation
220 South State Street, Suite 2108
Chicago, IL  60604-2103
(312) 939-0838

About the Lake Michigan Federation
The oldest citizens' Great Lakes advocacy organization in North America, the
Lake Michigan Federation cares for the beauty and health of our great Lake
Michigan by protecting the integrity of its living communities.  Using
education, research, law, science, and economics, the Federation works to
eliminate toxic pollutants, restore fish and wildlife habitat, and conserve
land and water in the Lake Michigan watershed.  For more information about
the Lake Michigan Federation, visit our website at www.lakemichigan.org

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