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GLIN==> New Fellowship Program

New Fellowship Program to Strengthen Great Lakes Science/Policy Linkages


Ann Arbor, Mich. —The Great Lakes Commission announces an innovative new
fellowship program that will advance the environmental quality and
sustainable development goals of the organization and its state and
provincial members. In partnership with the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration’s National Sea Grant College Program and
Great Lakes Sea Grant Network, the Great Lakes Commission is supporting
a year-long fellowship open to highly qualified graduate students from a
Great Lakes university.

The Great Lakes Commission - Sea Grant Fellow will work with members of
the Great Lakes science, policy and information/education communities on
leading environmental quality and sustainable development issues. An
emphasis will be placed on strengthening the science/policy linkage in
the interest of advancing sound public policy. The Fellow will be based
at Great Lakes Commission offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Sponsoring organizations have selected Lisa Koch as the initial Great
Lakes Commission - Sea Grant Fellow. A Michigan resident with an
undergraduate degree from Michigan State University, Koch is a graduate
student in the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Wildlife Ecology
and is also pursuing certification in Geographic Information Systems.
Koch will spend calendar year 2000 working on a variety of Great Lakes
Commission projects and will also assist with its intergovernmental
relations efforts.

“This new fellowship program adds an important dimension to the work of
the Great Lakes Commission,” notes Dr. Frank Kudrna, Chair of Illinois
Commission Delegation and a member of the National Sea Grant Advisory
Panel. “The student gains practical experience in the policy arena,
while we benefit from their scientific expertise.” An added benefit,
according to Commission executive director Dr. Michael J. Donahue, is
the opportunity to nurture careers in Great Lakes science among some of
the best and brightest students in the region.

Students interested in the Great Lakes Commission - Sea Grant Fellowship
program are encouraged to contact the Commission at 734-665-9135 or

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