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A colleague and a friend

I had the good fortune of meeting Carol in the summer of 1994. It was at
that time that her group was just starting to get GLIN on the World Wide
Web. I had a similar type project underway in Environment Canada called the
Great Lakes Information Management Resource or GLIMR. Both were in their
infancy. I went to a GLIN meeting to see if we could link up and build a
partnership. Little did I know the impact of this meeting. We did build a
partnership, a really great partnership - one that was based on a common
vision to unit the Great Lakes community.

From that meeting forward Carol and I become cohorts. We worked on numerous
joint projects that linked the U.S. and Canada. But our partnership went
beyond just a working relationship - we became friends. Let's face it,
working with Carol and the GLIN staff (Paula, Laura, Mike etc.) was fun.
Together, and with other members of GLIN (people like Pranas and Roger) we
broke new ground.

I will miss Carol. I will miss her vision and her insight. Carol inspired
us. She was the leader of the pack and she made things happen. She always
made sure the details got ironed out, but she never got bogged down in
them. She always kept the big picture in view. 

Carol combined good sense with good humor. She cared about the Great Lakes
and about her work, but most of all she cared about people. She didn't
worry about personal recognition, only for the recognition of her projects.
Projects which now will be left for others to carry on. Her work was not
done and we would be amiss to think that everything will continue just fine
without her - it won't. But maybe together we can build on what Carol began
and move forward.

I knew little of Carol's personal life, or of the people she leaves behind.
To them I send my deepest sympathies for losing such a wonderful person in
their lives.

Carol had my admiration and my respect and I will miss her.

Good-bye Carol.


Wendy Leger
Environmental Services Branch - Ontario Region
Environment Canada
phone: 905-336-4630
fax: 905-336-4906
email: wendy.leger@cciw.ca
Visit GLIMR at http://www.cciw.ca/glimr/