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From Carol's BALLERINA friends in the Baltic Sea Region

Dear GLIN Family,

We cannot comprehend the fact that Carol is dead. When we were told the news last Thursday we didn't want to accept it, and we still don't. Time wasn't up for Carol, and we fail to see the sense in ending her life already. She had too much left to give, as a wonderful person and as a true professional.

When we met her in Stockholm at the Stockholm Water Symposium in mid-August, she was her own warm and supportive self. We talked a lot about the future of GLIN and the future of BALLERINA, and as always she didn't hesitate to share ideas, experience and good advice to help us along. She made a great impact (as always) on the audience of the workshop she attended, and GLIN was again emphasized by the participants as a self-evident model for others to be inspired by.

We have repeated it many times, especially to Carol herself, but it cannot be said too often that BALLERINA would not exist today had it not been for GLIN and, in particular, for Carol. The very concept of regional information networks was so much hers that we believe she quite liked the fact that she was also considered the intellectual and creative midwife of BALLERINA.

It could have stayed on the professional level, but it didn't. Carol touched people with her ability to inspire, encourage and see new ways of accomplishing what you strive for. But more importantly, Carol touched us as a person. We liked her so much and appreciated her company and her warm and positive personality, including her wonderful sense of humour. She became a friend, and as a friend she will stay in our minds and in our hearts. She was special, and she will be remembered and missed by all of us. Her smile, warmth and irresistible drive will not be forgotten and her spirit will live on in those who had the privilege of meeting her and sharing a part of her life.

You will find our tribute to Carol on BALLERINA (http://www.baltic-region.net/news/carol.htm), and we have also dedicated BALLERINA to Carol's memory.

To you, her second family, we send our deepest sympathy and hope that you will find the strength to carry on Carol's work. As we say in our commemoratory words on BALLERINA, "the upcoming GLIN 1997 Conference in late October will not be the same without Carol, but we are sure that her GLIN colleagues and friends will make it a forceful tribute to her memory and her accomplishments". We stand behind you in your efforts to do that.

Our very kindest regards to all of you in the GLIN family from us in the BALLERINA family, through

Sindre Langaas, Norway

Britt Hägerhäll Aniansson, Sweden

Andrus Meiner
, Estonia

Nathaniel S. Trumbull, Russian Federation

Annika Tidlund, Sweden