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    It was by sheer and happy accident that I came to know Carol
professionally several years ago while researching a news story about the
Internet.  At the time, I barely understood what I was writing about.  Carol
patiently helped with an interview about GLIN that she concluded with an
incredible offer. 
   "So," she asked. "Do you want an account on GLIN?"
    That offer says much about Carol's commitment to tapping the power of
communications for the public. She believed that the net is not reserved
solely for the scientist or the technically astute. Her vision for GLIN puts
the public in the center of the Great Lakes community, giving all of us
access to incredible resources.
     Carol's offer lead to an innovative collaboration between a public
agency and a private media organization that I have yet to see repeated.  At
times, it was a frustrating experiment as we both sought to move more quickly
than bureaucratic inertia allowed.
      But Carol always struck the right balance between patience with
bureaucracy and the need to show others new ways to communicate. 
      The experiment proved much shorter than either of us wanted. But her
offer to become a small part of GLIN, has had a lasting impact on me as a
gatherer of information and a reporter of news.
       My condolences to her family.
       David Poulson
       Booth Newspapers
       Former coordinator of the Great Lakes Environmental Wire