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What's New
Global warming good for endangered Fowler's toad at Long Point on Lake Erie
The London Free Press (7/24)
Global warming is not all bad - at least if you are a Fowler's toad at Long Point on Lake Erie, southeast of London, Ont.

A deadly fungus threatens salamanders
Great Lakes Echo (5/6)
Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans – Bsal for short – is a fungus that eats away the skin of certain salamanders and a type of salamander found in the Great Lakes region – the eastern newt – is especially at risk.

Shedd volunteers improve Somme Woods for amphibians
Chicago Tribune (11/30)
Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, which has proved itself a fan of frogs with its big “Amphibians” special exhibit, has been quietly making three forest preserves in Cook County, Ill., better habitats for frogs.

Turtles in trouble
Bracebridge Examiner (4/23)
In an attempt to develop a protection plan that will ensure the survival of painted turtles, the Canadian Wildlife Fund and other partners initiated the Saving Turtles at Risk Today (START) Muskoka Turtle Project.

Water snake has comeback in Lake Erie
Mansfield News Journal (10/6)
Two years after the Lake Erie water snake was removed from the federal Endangered Species List, its numbers are robust and holding steady, a researcher said.

Are Great Lakes mudpuppies victims of hurricane Sandy?
Great Lakes Echo (11/19)
A large number of unusual salamanders called mudpuppies washed ashore on many Lake Huron beaches during super storm Sandy.

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General Resources
All About Amphibians
Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine
Whether collecting eggs, or looking under logs for wrigglers and hoppers, it's fun to poke around the pond for frogs, toads and salamanders.

Amphibians and Reptiles in Great Lakes Wetlands: Threats and Conservation
Environment Canada
This fact sheet describes the importance of Great Lakes wetlands to people, to the ecology of the biosphere, and especially to the amphibians and reptiles that depend upon wetlands for their survival.

Canada's Aquatic Environments: Amphibians
University of Guelph, Ontario
All About Amphibians, species in Canada, trivia game and more.

Great Lakes Declining Amphibians Working Group
IUCN/SSC Declining Amphibian Populations Task Force
Devoted to investigating the worldwide decline in amphibian populations. Includes a list of Midwest State Resources.

Illinois Amphibian and Reptile Distributions
Illinois Natural History Survey
This site offers range maps for all species of amphibians and reptiles found in Illinois.

Illinois Natural History Survey Amphibian & Reptile Collection
Illinois Natural History Survey
The Illinois Natural History Amphibian and Reptile Collection contains approximately 14,844 catalogued specimens, representing 55 families and over 550 species (51% Amphibia, 49% Reptilia), which are all searchable online through their database.

National Amphibian Conservation Center
Detroit Zoo
Featuring hundreds of amphibians, the Center highlights the critical role these fascinating creatures play in the world.

New York State Amphibian and Reptile Atlas Project
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)
A 10-year survey (1990-99) designed to document the geographic distribution of New York State's amphibians and reptiles.

North American Amphibian Monitoring Program
U.S. Geological Service (USGS), Biological Resources Division
NAAMP is a cooperative effort of the greater amphibian research and conservation community in North America. Its broad goal is to develop a statistically defensible program to monitor the distribution and abundance of amphibians in North America , with applicability at the state, provincial, ecoregional and continental scales.

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Frogs and Toads
University of Wisconsin Sea Grant
What do you know about frogs? UW Sea Grant studies how toxins in the environment affect frogs.

Frogwatch Ontario
Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network (EMAN), Environment Canada
Take part in a community program to protect your local wetland ecosystem.

Frogwatch Québec
Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network (EMAN), Environment Canada
Take part in a community program to protect your local wetland ecosystem.

Frogwatch USA
US Geological Survery (USGS)
Take part in a community program to protect your local wetland ecosystem.

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Salamanders of Ontario
Natural Resources Canada
Find out information on all the Ontario species of salamanders.

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Snakes of Indiana
Indiana-Purdue University
Provides a complete list of poisonous and nonpoisonous snakes in Indiana, information on conservation, and general snake facts.

Timber Rattlesnake Homepage
Milwaukee Public Museum
Timber Rattlesnakes were prominent in the lore and history of early Wisconsin and remain one of the few top predators still present in the state. This site details the ongoing decline in their numbers, the causes of decline and their low potential for recovery.

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Related Resources
GLIN: Agencies and Organizations, Wildlife

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