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About This Search
This page allows you to search headlines that have been included in the Great Lakes Daily News archive, which focuses on recent coverage of Great Lakes issues by print, radio and television media outlets in the United States and Canada.

Note: You may notice broken links on some of the newspaper headlines. Many newspapers (e.g., Chicago Tribune, Detroit Free Press, etc) keep complete archives of all their stories. So even if a story is months old, these links should still work. Others, however, like the Toronto Globe and Mail and New York Times, only archive their stories for one week or require a fee to retrieve the complete articles. So, unfortunately, many of these links in the GLIN archive become broken/irretrievable after a day, week or month. By searching the GLIN archive you will have the title and date that each article was published, however, which will enable you to request the full text directly from the newspapers if you desire.

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Search Help
For general keyword searches, simply enter the keyword and submit the query. If a phrase is used, the search will find only that exact query string; thus, if you are looking for 'aquatic species' your query will not return 'aquatic nuisance species.' To find the latter, just enter any one word of the phrase. Additionally, do not use suffixes; the search engine will add "s", "es", "ing", etc. onto the end of any keywords. For example, search for "zebra mussel" instead of "zebra mussels."

You may use the News Source drop-down menu to search for all of the stories published by any one of our selected news sources.

More complex searches are under construction, which will allow searches of all News Sources in a specified state or province.

Search results are returned sorted by publication date of the stories (most recent first).

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Through a collaborative partnership, the Great Lakes Daily News service is jointly produced and marketed by the Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN) and the Great Lakes Radio Consortium (GLRC).


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